Planning to buy Electric Scooter? Here are Ten electric scooter benefits you must know

Electric scooters have been in the market of low-cost transportation for a while now and are gaining traction every day. However, with new technology, there is always doubt in a customer's heart whether to jump in or keep a distance from it. If you are still hesitating about buying one for yourself, then go through the benefits of electric scooters. In this article, we have mentioned 10 electric scooter benefits to help you make a smart choice.
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What makes electric scooters & bikes the best alternative to other automobiles?

People who drive cars and bikes will hardly ever know the electric scooter benefits until they ride one. The reasons why electric scooters are the best alternative to conventional vehicles are as follows:
1. Easy to learn and operate: - Electric scooter benefits are that they are mechanised in a way that it is easy to learn how to ride them, whereas a traditional vehicle comes with a gear mechanism which makes them a bit difficult to learn. So, such advantages of an electric vehicle can be availed by anyone. Be it a college-going kid or a working-class person, or a senior citizen, getting familiar with electric scooters is quick and easy.

2. Environment-friendly- Electric scooters emit a low carbon footprint compared to petrol/diesel vehicles. Thus, another great advantage of electric vehicles is that they contribute to a great extent in achieving sustainability goals. Electric scooter benefits from recyclable materials like aluminium alloy used in their design. This way, the volume of waste generated when an electric scooter's lifespan is over less since it can be recycled again. Owning an electric scooter can be proudful since it's a noble contribution towards your community.

3. No noise pollution- Big cities and vehicles are synonymous with loud noises. Noise pollution is often ignored most of the time, but in the long run, it impacts our health. Cars and bikes contribute a lot to the loud noises on the road. The advantages of electric scooter, like zero noise pollution, gives an edge to EVs over other automobiles. They do come equipped with a bell to warn nearby pedestrians. This way, they make sound only when necessary and stay silent under operating conditions.

4. Great for tourists- Oftentimes, when tourists visit a city/country of their choice, they are scammed by local transport (e.g., auto rickshaws, taxis, etc.) in terms of fare. It ruins their travel experience and discourages them from travelling to a particular city/country. All these things can negatively impact the tourism of that state. This is where electric scooter benefits come to the rescue. Not only can tourists rent them easily, but they will also be lighter in their pockets, allowing them to have a great time sightseeing. Therefore, you can buy electric scooters in bulk to start a business that is tourist friendly.

What else do these electric scooters offer?

Every commuter wants to know how much they can save on an electric scooter. There are many benefits of EV scooters, directly or indirectly, that you must know. Some of the advantages of electric scooter:
1. Inexpensive operation cost- Electrical scooter benefits in terms of an affordable transport option. It is a viable option for people falling under low-income brackets. Especially in cities where daily expenses are high, electric scooter benefits in short distances.

2. A great physical comfort- An Electrical scooter benefits people with health issues. Since electric scooters don't require much physical effort, so they don't cause riders any exhaustion.

3. Minimal maintenance and repair cost- The advantages of electric scooter being non-complex tech is that fixing them becomes easy and comparatively cheaper than fixing other automobiles. So, you can relax about any after-sale repairs and enjoy your rides.

4. Great for campus life- Big colleges and universities can also avail the advantages of electric vehicles at their campuses. Electric scooters benefit students/professors to reach their classes and save valuable time quickly.

5. Offers great flexibility in traffic- There are many advantages of electric scooter with their small build as it makes them light compared to other vehicles on the road and is easy to drive for all age group. As a result, skipping traffic jams becomes a piece of cake. This advantage of an electric vehicle is a time hack that everyone needs in their life.

6. Adds quality to your life- Living in big cities and travelling by public transport can be very rigid. You can never independently decide where and how you want to go to a place. Sometimes only the bus is an option; other times, it is just the taxi/auto. Electric scooter benefits from flexibility like no other transport medium can. With electric scooters, you can go anywhere. It offers you independence while moving.

The advantages mentioned above of electric vehicles are not exhaustive but only indicative one. Electric scooters have much more to offer. The more you use them, the more benefits you will discover on your own. Whether you seek comfort or functionality, an electric scooter benefits you with both. The scope of EVs in India is big. This simple tech is invading every big city and will soon become a norm. We hope this article will help you make an informed decision, and you will consider buying an electric soon. You can check the Lectrix EV website today to learn more about it!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does the battery of an electric scooter last?
The battery of an electric scooter usually lasts for 2-4 years.
2. How long does Lectrix ECityZip scooter run on one full charge?
Lectrix ECityZip runs for 75km in full charge and is subject to the road you are driving on.
3. What is the load capacity of the ECityZip Lectrix scooter?
ECityZip can pick up 155kg of load in a go.
4. How many colour variants are available in the Lectrix LXS model?
Electric red, Moody orange, Azure blue, and Charcoal grey are some of the colour variants available in the LXS model.
5. What are the benefits of the inbuilt battery management system of Lectrix EV scooters?
It keeps track of battery health, manages the power, and you can control it with the smart features of the Lectrix electric scooter.

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