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Do’s and Don’ts
For Your EV

Connect or disconnect the charger plug gently from the socket.
Ensure plug points are switched off before the connection or the disconnection.
Charge the battery regularly to avoid permanent discharge status of battery.
Remove any wire or thread that may get struck in the wheel or motor.
Keep all electrical components dry and moisture free.
Do not ride the vehicle in case of puncture, dismount the vehicle to ease load on tire
Don’t ride the vehicle if it produces uneven noises from the motor or under seat area.
Do not position the scooter in an inclined stance as it may tip over which can cause significant damage to its internal components.
Do not attempt to switch the ignition on while charging.
Do not use high pressure water to clean the vehicles- only use wet cloth or dry-wipe

Do’s and Don’ts for
Battery and charger

Lithium-ion batteries take 3 to 4 hours from full discharge to full charge. Batteries are to be discharged d charged once in every 30 days even if vehicle is not used, otherwise warranty will be invalid.
Using damaged components such as power cord, charger case, plug. etc. can cause electric shock, short circuit or fire.
Keep the charger and battery out of reach of children and pets.
The provided charger is sealed and any attempt to open it will void the warranty.
Make sure ignition switch is in OFF position when your e-scooter is being charged.
VPLA batteries take 8-10 hours for complete charge. Batteries should be discharged and charged every 30 days even if vehicle is not used, otherwise warranty will be invalid.
Only use your supplied charger for charging the e-scooter battery.
In case of smoldering from short circuit or accidental dropping of battery from height, putting battery in water or continuous spray of water can extinguish it. If water is not available, loose dry soil or sand can be used to cut oxygen supply to the fire

Building Trust, Consistently

A great ride to have with a great experience. The most useful feature for me is the turn by turn navigation which guides the way to any destination. All in all, very satisfied.
EV User, 2022.07.15
Very suitable for everyday use. The storage space is also sufficient to carry goods. Better than your normal scooters.
EV User, 2022.06.02
The scooter gets charged pretty quickly and runs for a good period of time after that. It won’t disappoint you, must go for it.
EV User, 2021.06.24
A safe, eco-friendly choice for people with families, comes with speed limit control to make sure they drive safe. Very satisfied with the performance and design.
EV User, 2021.07.01
The look of the scooter is just awesome! Add this with the variety of features and you will have a great ride for yourself. A must buy.
EV User, 2021.08.05

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