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Future of EV Scooters: Technology, Cost and Ease

Robert Anderson of Scotland created the first electric vehicle in 1832, and non-rechargeable batteries powered it. Now it's 2023, and the technology in this field has advanced so much that in almost every city, we can witness various kinds of electric vehicles like electric cars, EV bikes and EV Scooters. The market right now is flooded with so many manufacturers of EV Scooters that often, it gets confusing to consumers about the choice of EV scooters. By the end of this article, it will become clear to you why and which EV Scooter you should buy. So, let's hop into it.

Electric Scooter: An Overview

EV Scooter on the outside looks just like your regular, petrol-driven scooter. But on the inside, it is different. Instead of being powered by a combustible fuel, it draws its power from a battery charged with electricity. In most cases, the battery is Lead-acid or Lithium-ion. As a result, best EV Scooter is lighter than regular fuel-driven Scooter and is cost-effective in the long run.
The battery has specifications like – voltage, charging capacity, and storage capacity. The battery life also determines your EV Scooter's life since it is dependent on it.

Cost of Running an EV

The cost of running an electric vehicle (EV) varies depending on several factors, including the cost of electricity, the efficiency of the vehicle, and the distance driven. On average, it is estimated that it costs about half as much to drive an EV compared to a gasoline-powered vehicle. This means that the cost per mile of driving an EV is typically lower than the cost per mile of driving a gasoline-powered vehicle. Additionally, the cost of electricity can vary greatly depending on where you live and the time of day you charge your vehicle. To get a more accurate estimate of the cost of running your EV, you should consult your local utility company to find out the cost of electricity in your area and estimate your driving costs based on your specific driving habits.
Moreover, the cost of best EV scooters in India ranges between Rs.45,000 – Rs.1,80,000. Lectrix LXS- Rs 74,999, SX25 - Rs 54,499, Ecityzip – 85,500. These prices are subject to the tax levied on it. The purchasing cost might be higher than a regular Scooter, but the running cost of the best EV Scooter makes it economical compared to the fuel-driven Scooter. As fuel costs rise yearly, best EV Scooters will become an extremely economical choice in the long run.

Benefits of EV Scooter

For shorter distances, EV Scooters are the best. They are environment friendly as they emit almost zero smoke into the air. For speeds below 25km/hour, one doesn't need a license to own and ride an EV Scooter. Like Lectrix SX25 doesn't require any license to be driven on road. The maintenance on EV Scooter is negligible compared to the fuel-driven Scooter. So that saves a lot of your hard-earned money. Also, best EV Scooter comes with huge storage space compared to traditional Scooters. Thus, they are great for small-distance transport like food delivery, ration delivery, etc. EV Scooter produces low noise while operating. They are lightweight, which makes them compact and easy to park.

The best choice for you

Even with the above knowledge, choosing your first EV Scooter can be tricky. Since the purchasing cost is high for every best EV Scooter out there, it is not easy to find your perfect ride. So, allow us to help you out with your first EV Scooter. Introducing Lectrix SX25. Ergonomically designed to give you a smooth ride experience. This Scooter comes with Telescopic suspensions on the Front wheels, while the Rear wheels come with dual coil springs. Thus, even on uneven roads, you won't feel any bumps, making it perfect for senior citizens and people with back health issues. In addition, it has a Digital LCD speedometer displaying all the parameters like battery health nicely, distance travelled, current speed, etc.
It is available in four colours to choose from. And it has been designed to keep people of every age group in mind. You can charge your SX25 easily with the comfort at home as it has a convenient charging point with a specification of 48V- 3A. In addition, it sports tubeless tires, making them puncture-resistant, thus helping riders to avoid the common problems of pinch flats when riding at speed offroad.


With so many people trying to switch from fuel-driven scooters to EV ones, some questions bother a customer. Frequently asked questions about best EV Scooters have been answered below:

FAQs About EV Scooters

Some of the frequently asked questions about best EV Scooters have been answered below:
Q1. For what purpose EV Scooter is beneficial?
For shorter distances EV Scooters are the best. Since they provide great storage spaces, they are best for transporting stuff over nearby places.
Q2. Are EV Scooters economical in comparison to fuel driven Scooters?
Yes, the running cost of EV Scooters makes them economical in the long run. For short distances (say 5-10km) running cost of fuel driven scooters is higher than EV Scooters. Thus you save a lot money on EV Scooters.
Q3. Will Electric Scooters save money of the customer?
The rider can save roughly 90% on fuel costs alone when you operate an electric scooter. Moreover, Electric scooters cost one-fifth of gasoline powered vehicles in servicing and maintenance.
Q4. What is the future of Electric vehicles?
As per the study, EV market will grow by CAGR of 94.4% from 2021 to 2030. All the incentives and subsidies by the government will propel the adoptions of EVs in India market.
Q5. Can I get a test ride for Lectrix SX25?
Yes, we provide test ride to our buyers at home, to clear the worries of our buyers.
Q6. What is the Charging Time of Lectrix SX25?
It takes approximately 3 Hrs with speed charger to fully charge an empty battery.

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