Top Speed Electric Scooter in India

With the new Lectrix LXS G 2.0

Break limits, go beyond

On LXS G2.0 Secure your ride where ever you go with remote immobilization from phone.
Rediscover the fun of riding through the streets, without compromising range! With the smartEco mode in theLXS G2.0 - experience. A seamless blend of performance and an impressive range of 98 km.
True Range
98km / charge
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More seamless for you

Journeys that are

Ride The
Extra Mile
Anytime, Anywhere.
From daily office trips to short detours on the weekends, the LXS G2.0 will take the lead with its striking 115 km range.
115 km
3 kWh
Battery Capacity
9 s
0-40 km/h
60 km/h
Top speed
2200 w
Peak Power

One step ahead, Always.

Pushing limits for an unmatched ride

Always Leads,
With Your Needs
Top Electric Scooters of Lecrtix
Top speed
60 km/h
115 km
Mobile App Connectivity Feature
Mobile App Connectivity
Get access to a wide range of Smart Features
Determine the condition of your LXS, by simply running vehicle diagnostics fromo our app!
LXS G2.0 - Navigation Assist
Navigation Assist
With Navigation Assist, the LXS G2.0 helps you reach your destination without losing your way.
No need to manually signal your next turn - the LXS G2.0 will do that for you with auto-indicators!

Vivid Colours

Make heads turn with our

Sporty Red

Magic Blue

Sparkle Black

Ash Grey

Matt Military Green

Pearl White

Sporty Red

Lectrix Electric Scooter LSX G2.0 Red
98 km
Certified Range®
2.3 Kw
Battery Capacity
10.2 s
0-40 km/h
55 km/h
Top speed
Vehicle shown here is as per AIS-156 PH-2 (subject to iCAT approval).

Take the Charge

Let Your Scooter

Stay Connected on the Go
Live Location
Never lose your ride again with Live Location, keeping you connected anytime, anywhere
Smart Features
And Chill
Charging Time
Watch your favourite show or movie and charge your scooter with no hassle, with a charge time of just 3 hours powered by a 18A fast charger
Get Charged & Go!
Enjoy the electric vehicle that gets you on the road fast and swiftly.
Charging so easy, it won't even feel like a task!

Buy Your LXS G2.0

On Your Own Terms

₹ 1,18,595
₹ 99,999*
Ex-Showroom Price
(including charger & FAMEII subsidy)
* Exclusive of insurance, road tax & registration charges.
  All prices are inclusive of G.S.T.
Lectrix Electric Scooter LSX G2.0 Red

Explore Electric Scooters on EMI

From Leading Banking Partners

Choose Your Product
Choose Your Banking Partner
₹ 25000
₹ 25000
₹ 50000
Loan Period
6 Months
6 Months
18 Months
₹ 13156
X 6
Interest Rate
12 %
Scooter price
₹ 111250 *
Loan amount
₹ 76250
* The actual Loan amount may vary due to additional insurance and accessory prices.

Peace for you at all times

Assurance, For A Carefree Ride
Assured Warranty
Ride at ease with our assured warranty of 3 years, or 30,000 km on the LXS G2.0
lectrix lxs g 3.0
Protection, At All times
Secure your ride where ever you go with remote immobilization from phone
Gear Up, Ride Safe
Helmet Warning
Ride safely at all times with reminders to wear your helmet for added protection
Sturdy Support, Alert in Sight
Side Stand Safety
Never forget to retract the side stand before riding anymore, with timely alerts
Enhanced Safety, For better A Ride
Auto Cut Off
Enjoy a safe & smooth ride every time. With auto cut-off, say goodbye to overheating!
Safe Speed, for Young Riders
Speed lock for child
Always ensure a secure speed limit for your young riders' safety, and stay worry free
Instant Help, at Your Fingertips
Emergency SOS
Get immediate help whenever you need it, with one-touch emergency SOS
Lectrix LSX G - One touch emergency SOS
Instant Help, at Your Fingertips
Emergency SOS
Get immediate help whenever you need it, with one-touch emergency SOS
SOS System in Lectrix e Scooter

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