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Electric Scooters vs. Traditional Scooters: Which One is Right for You?

Did you know that the two-wheeler market saw a 29% growth in a year between 2021-2022? Whether for whizzing past traffic or travelling within cities, scooters have become popular. Several brands have introduced traditional and electric scooters suitable for Indian roads.
E-scooters are now gaining prominence amongst commuters. Leading brands like Lectrix have revolutionised the EV scooter industry with their electric scooter lineup.
With the plethora of options available in the market, let us explore how customers can decide between traditional and electric scooters.

Cost Effectiveness

Both electric and traditional scooters today come in a competitive price range. Initially, standard scooters may seem a little cheaper than electric ones, but their operational costs differ.
Electric scooters cost far less in terms of operation than the petrol variants. As for distance, electric scooter range today is anywhere between 80 to 150km for a single charge. For instance, the Lectrix LXS requires no charging for up to 89km on a full battery. Furthermore, the cost of charging your EV does not impact your finances too.
Traditional scooters, on the other hand, do not provide the same efficiency. An average petrol vehicle runs for 40km per litre of fuel. Thus, traditional scooters are less efficient when factoring in the escalating petrol prices, as compared to their electric counterparts.

Maintenance of EVs and Traditional Vehicles

Another significant aspect one must factor in is the maintenance cost of these vehicles. The maintenance of any vehicle depends on the number of parts and fluid quality.
Petrol scooters come with multiple moving parts that require consistent servicing and replacement, such as the gearbox, filters, and converters. All the above components necessitate periodic maintenance. Besides, one must also change the engine oil at frequent intervals.
With electric two wheelers, on the other hand, all one needs to do is clean the battery. Fewer components in EVs make them less susceptible to wear and tear. Moreover, electric scooters require less maintenance than their counterparts due to the absence of fluid elements like petrol or engine oil. This is why EVs, such as the Lectrix Scooty, help you to save up to INR 45,000 in a single year.


One aspect every customer wishes to understand is the performance of the vehicle they desire to buy. Let's examine the factors such as speed, range and acceleration to gain an understanding of EVs and petrol scooters.
On the speed aspect, electric scooters today are closing in on the speed of traditional scooters. This element also depends on the model you purchase and the vehicle design. The Lectrix LXS, for example, enables riders to zoom past the rate of 50kmph.
Traditional scooters have limited acceleration owing to transmission systems. But higher-end scooters are also more expensive and have a better acceleration rate. Electric scooters, owing to a better and instant torque, can deliver quicker acceleration from a standstill. And you would not have to shell out additional amounts for better performance. For instance, the Lectrix LXS can go from 0-25 kmph in 5 seconds.

Impact on Environment

Emission from vehicles has been a global cause of concern. The Indian government is also focusing on reducing the carbon footprint from vehicle usage.
Contrary to these concerns, petrol-based cars' internal combustion engines are known for emitting harmful gases. These gases include pollutants like
Carbon monoxide
Nitrogen oxide
Particulate matter
Besides pollution, respiratory diseases and smog formations are common problems associated with such pollutants.
Electric vehicles, on the other hand, do not produce any tailpipe emissions. The dependence on electricity curtails the adverse environment associated with traditional scooters. If a renewable energy source powers these, the environmental impact is further reduced. These ecological factors provide significant weightage and encouragement to switch to electric vehicles.

Government Incentives

Obtaining an incentive on a vehicle you purchase can help reduce your scooter price. While traditional scooters are not covered under any such scheme, the government incentivizes electric scooters, such as:
Purchase Incentives: Direct cost reduction offered to the user for purchasing an electric vehicle.
Coupons: Financial incentives where the user receives a reimbursement of a certain amount at a later time.
Interest Subventions: Discounts on the interest rate when taking a loan for purchasing an electric vehicle.
Road Tax Exemption: By waiving off-road tax at the time of electric vehicle purchase.
Registration Fee Exemption: Exempting the one-time registration fee applicable on new vehicle purchases.
Income Tax Benefit: Deductions on the tax amount payable by an individual to the government.
Scrapping Incentives: Available when deregistering old petrol and diesel vehicles.
Additional incentives like interest-free loans, top-up subsidies, and special incentives further help reduce the upfront cost.
Vehicle Design of Electric and Traditional Scooters
Traditional scooters have been renowned for their trendy looks. With options ranging from graceful to dynamic to retro-inspired, there is a scooter design that will resonate with every admirer.
Earlier, electric vehicles did not come in such appealing designs. But today, electric scooters are fast catching up or even beating traditional scooters in the design aspects.
The new LXS electric scooter by Lectrix, boasts a combination of sophistication and trendy aesthetics. Coming in a range of spectacular colours, the LXS is a modern machine one cannot take their eyes off. There is no reason not to buy electric scooters today!

Wrapping Up

While both traditional and electric scooters are popular choices, evaluate all relevant aspects before purchasing one.
And with sustainability becoming an important factor, electric scooters will gain more popularity with time.
Besides, the continuous technological upgradation is making e-scooters more convenient and desirable. But it would be best to analyse the brand and the features of the e scooty you desire to purchase.
One electric scooter designed by leaving no stone unturned to provide high performance and user-friendliness is Lectrix LXS. With features such as convenient charging and dynamic design, the LXS is one to look out for. Besides, you can also connect through a dedicated app to your LXS to access all the information on your screen.
Besides higher mileage and lower power consumption, the Lectrix ev price is also positioned competitively for the Indian market. The Lectrix LXS is a game changer for commuters desiring the best. You can check out the LXS online by Googling 'e scooter dealer near me' or visiting their official page.
And if you are interested in taking up an electric scooter dealership, Lectrix offers exciting opportunities. Obtain an EV dealership to make a difference today.

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