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Ride Safely: Know all About ECity Zip Electric Scooter for Daily Use

Electric vehicles are getting popular everywhere. The reasons behind this could be anything, from their eco-friendliness to the attractive subsidies offered by the government to EV owners. No matter what the cause is, one thing is for sure: EVs are here to stay, and soon they will become the primary mode of transportation.
Speaking of the most commonly used EVs, electric scooters are the first choice of commuters. They are portable, eco-friendly, easy to use, and, most importantly, affordable. In alignment with this growing popularity, we have also launched a series of electric scooters, and one of the most efficient ones is our ECity Zip Electric Scooter.
Be it the design or the performance, everything about ECity Zip is remarkable. Suitable for a daily commute, this is our toughest EV scooter that can give you the safest and smoothest ride in town. Below, we have shared everything about the Lectrix ECity Zip Electric Scooter to make your shopping easier. Let's begin with the basic specifications.

ECity Zip Electric Scooter: Specifications

Below is a table where you can read major specifications to understand why ECity Zip is the safest ride:

  • Speed (KM/H) Solo
    Mode 1 – Eco: 35
    Mode 2 – Power: 45
  • Acceleration (0-25 KMPH in secs) 5 Secs
  • Range/Charge (KM/H) (Solo)
    Mode 1- 75
    Mode 2- 50
  • Battery Type Li-Ion
  • Battery Weight (KG) 12.5
  • Charger Specification (A) 7.5
  • Changing Time (HR) 4-5
  • DC Converter (V) 12+0.5
  • Motor Type HUB-BLDC
  • Motor Rated Power (W) 800
  • Motor Peak Power (W) 1300
    To get a detailed chart, download the brochure here.

5 Reasons to Pick ECity Zip for Daily Use

1. Suitable for Daily Use
When it comes to daily travel, especially for short distances, it is not always possible to take public transport or a car. What you need for such a commute is a strong and sturdy vehicle that can easily manoeuvre through the traffic without being too expensive.
ECity Zip is perfect for that. It is specifically designed for daily use. All you need to do is fully recharge it at home, and then you can easily ride it through your city's narrow lanes and wide roads.
2. A Tough Build
In India, EV scooters have to face rugged roads, potholes, strong weather conditions, and so on. It impacts their durability and can also raise a safety concern. Thankfully, this is not true with the Lectrix ECity Zip Electric Scooter. It is reassuringly tough, with a strong body and minimalist designs. In fact, it has been tested on rugged roads to give you proper safety and comfort.
3. Made to Unburden You
Having a scooter is good, but having an EV that can carry your extra stuff at multiple luggage points is excellent. Our ECity Zip Electric Scooter is designed with sleek design and loading capacity in mind. It allows you to easily transport bulky items over short distances. That's why, it is known for carrying over 155 kg on the carrier, under the seat, in the front basket, and in the leg space.
So, if you are going grocery shopping or even delivering products to your customers, you no longer have to feel the discomfort of not having enough space on your scooter.
4. No Compromise on Style
We understand how crucial style is, and to ensure there's no compromise on that, we built the ECity Zip Electric Scooter with a striking design with a futuristic take. The features are clean and minimal, adding toughness to the whole look.
It is currently available in five different colours: Electric Red, Moody Orange, Neon Green, Zing Black, and Zen White. Choose one that suits your personality and get ready to show it off.
5. Easy Charging
Nowadays, EV charging stations are installed almost everywhere, making it easy to charge your ECity Zip while on the go. Since it is an EV scooter, the ECity Zip Electric Scooter's charging features are also kept at high performance. You get an electric charger along with the scooter that can be easily plugged into any power source at your home, office, or school.
A single charge will take around 4-5 hours and can take up to 75 kilometres. So, no more worrying about gasoline prices. Just invest in the ECity Zip EV and make your travel easier and more affordable than ever.
When you talk about the warranty for the ECity Zip, you will find that it is a comprehensive coverage that ensures peace of mind for the customers. The ECity Zip electric scooter comes with a 4-year warranty on the battery, which is a crucial component of the vehicle. The long battery warranty means that you can use your scooter daily without worrying about battery failure or degradation. In addition to the battery warranty, the ECity Zip also comes with a 1-year warranty on other parts, which
includes the motor, controller, charger, and other electrical components.

More Features, More Benefits

Loved the features of Lectrix ECity Zip Electric Scooter? We have some more listed down below:
Safe For Environment: ECity Zip does not release any harmful gases or any noise to impact the environment.
Low maintenance: ECity Zip does not need too much servicing or maintenance. This saves both money and time in the long run.
Affordable: Buying an ECity Zip will not impact your bank account. In fact, we offer easy loans and low EMIs straight from to make this purchase pocket friendly. Check our financing options to know more.
Add to that, the running cost of this scooter is just Rs. 0.12/km, making it one of the most affordable transports.

The Final Words

A lot has been said and shared about Lectrix ECity Zip Electric Scooter. Now is the time for action. Browse the product at our website and book it now. To be more sure about ECity Zip, you can also book a free test ride online. Just fill in your details and our representatives will guide you through the whole process. All the best!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use Lectrix ECity Zip Electric Scooter for my product deliveries?
Ans. Yes, you can. The ECity Zip is tested for a loading capacity of up to 155 kg. So, if your products are under this weight, you can easily carry them to different destinations.
2. Where can I find the dealer to buy Lectrix ECity Zip Electric Scooter in a showroom?
Ans. You can visit our "Dealer Locator" page and enter the details to find the nearest showroom.
3. What is the duration of the free test ride of ECity Zip?
Ans. The duration can vary from 20-30 minutes. In case you wish need more time, you can either buy our 7-day Try and Buy offer at just Rs. 799 or talk to the dealer directly.
4. Can I avail easy EMI options for the EV scooter?
Ans. Yes. If you meet our eligibility criteria, you can get easy EMI options with down payments as low as Rs 2499. Check the financing options to learn more.
5. Do I have to pay extra for the charger?
Ans. No, it is included in the final ECity Zip price.

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