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Your Introduction to Electric Vehicle and Why Is It the Best Decision

With diverse modes of transportation available on roads, our life has been easy and comfortable enough for the past 100 years. Most vehicles accessible today are gasoline-powered, but one type that has gradually gained popularity is Electric Vehicles (EVs). Today, electric vehicles can be seen in great numbers, booming into the market and making their way on the city streets. But why are EVs in such great demand these days? This article will help you understand why you must switch from a gasoline vehicle to an electric one. Read on!

Electric Vehicles: Catering to All Your Needs

A vehicle that utilizes electric motors for propulsion or vehicles that get electricity from an external source is an electric vehicle. This external source is, most of the time, a chargeable battery. Other times, the source of electricity is a collector system; e.g., metro trains use overhead electric lines to draw power. The electricity from the source is used to power up the motors to produce the thrust that moves the vehicles on roads, rails, etc.
The different types of electric vehicles are:

  • Electric car
  • Electric, solar-powered aircraft
  • Electric tram
  • Battery-driven electric bus
  • Electric vehicle scooters
  • Electric trucks
    Among all these, the latest trends are two-wheeler electric vehicles or e vehicle scooters like the Lectrix LXS or Lectrix EcityZip. There is a reason for that, which we will share with you in a while, but before that, let us see the type of battery the e vehicle scooter generally uses.

The Battery Used in Electric Vehicles

The e vehicle scooters use one of the following three types of batteries –
  • Lead acid- These batteries are the most inexpensive and commonly found in electric scooters.
  • Lithium-ion- They are a bit more expensive than lead-acid batteries and lighter in weight, but they are 3–4 times faster than lead-acid.
  • Nickel-metal hydrides- These are primarily used in hybrid vehicles and are very expensive.
    The manufacturers of electric vehicles mention the following specifications of batteries while marketing their products:
  • **Voltage-**It is the force driving the electricity in a battery. The battery's output should be greater than the electric motor's input voltage for optimal performance. Scooters come with voltages ranging from 20V to 52V. Lectrix LXS has 48 V and 40 Ah (advanced Li-ion).
  • Charging capacity- This is the charge required to charge a battery. Most batteries range from 2 Ah to 50 Ah. The unit for measuring the battery charge is Ampere-hours (Ah).
  • Storage capacity- This indicates how much energy a battery can store after fully charging. It is measured in Watt-hours (Wh).

Reasons to Choose Electric Vehicles

There are tonnes of benefits that come with buying an e vehicle scooter. So, below, we have mentioned a few important ones:

Lower running cost

Fuels like diesel and gasoline are very costly, considering how much they cost per km. In comparison, charging an electric vehicle is cheaper than using gasoline for travel. For instance, the Lectrix LXS ranges 89 km per charge. Also, charging becomes more affordable if the source of charging is a renewable energy source like solar panels.

Almost zero emissions

The carbon footprint left behind while driving an electric vehicle is almost nil. Thus, the electric vehicle's environmental impact is negligible compared to that of gasoline and diesel 2-wheelers.

Tax and financial benefits

Electric vehicles require fewer registration fees and road taxes than gasoline and diesel vehicles. So, it makes them even more lucrative. Also, the government has made policies and incentives to promote electric vehicles on roads.

Energy efficient

In terms of efficiency, electric vehicles convert around 60% of the electrical energy from the grid to power the wheels, while petrol and diesel vehicles only convert 17–21% of the energy stored in the fuels to power the wheels. It makes electric vehicles an excellent choice over fuel-driven vehicles.

Easy to learn and easy to ride

Since electric vehicles do not have gears, they are very convenient to drive. In addition, e vehicle scooters with a top speed of 25 km/hr don't require a licence, making it easy to learn and ride. For example, the maximum speed of the SX25 is 25 km/h, which doesn't require a licence to ride.

Convenient charging

Charging electric vehicles at home is easy due to their fast-charging capabilities. The Lectrix LXS, for example, can be fully charged in just 3 hours with its 15 A fast charging feature. Once charged, the vehicle can cover up to 89 km, depending on the type of road you are driving on.

Zero noise pollution:

As there is no engine in an electric vehicle, it produces no noise. They move so quietly that they are perfect for cities where noise pollution is the norm. However, false sounds are added to the vehicles to make electric vehicles safer for pedestrians.

Lectxic EV Scooter Models

To sum everything up, electric vehicles are the future of road transportation. With that in mind, our company has the latest e vehicle scooters just for you. Introducing Lectrix LXS, SX25, and ECity Zip.
The SX25 is your entry ticket into the EV market, best for beginners. It has a top speed of 25 kmph, a digital LCD cluster with Bluetooth connectivity for smart connectivity, and sufficient storage space. Moreover, it has a range of 60 kilometres. It is best for those looking for two-wheelers to visit nearby markets for daily consumable items.
ECity Zip is targeted for heavy delivery work and can carry up to 155 kg of payload. Ruggedly built for on-road control and safety, this scooter is best for those who work in delivery services for everyday usage. It can easily reach a top speed of 45 kmph. The charging time is 3 hours, and it comes with lithium-ion batteries, which are 3–4 times faster than lead-acid batteries. It also comes with mobile app connectivity, providing basic features. Additionally, its range is 75 kilometres.
Lectrix LXS is the "have it all" scooter built by Lectrix. It's better, more efficient, and more stylish. Perfect for everyday riders going to college, the office, or enjoying city rides. Equipped with a powerful motor, it reaches a top speed of 55 kmph and has a built-in battery management system. The charging time is only 3 hours, as it has a fast-charging feature and supports mobile app connectivity to show all the scooter details. Furthermore, its range is 89 kilometres.

Wrapping Up

If you are looking for the right e vehicle scooter, check out our abovementioned products on the website today! All the above models are built ergonomically to give you a smooth riding experience and come at an affordable price. Explore today! It is built for city rides and all age groups.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How much time does an EV take to charge?
Depending upon the specification of the battery used, an EV can take around 7-8 hours to charge. But some electric two-wheeler, like the Lectrix LXS and Lectrix Ecity Zip, take only 3–4 hours to charge.
2. Are EVs more efficient than petrol/diesel vehicles?
Yes, EVs have lower running costs, higher output-to-input ratios, and low maintenance costs. In addition, it makes them overall more efficient than engine-driven vehicles.
3. What type of EV Scooter should I buy?
We have 3 models you can choose from - LXS, SX25, and ECity Zip. You can pick any of the three designed ergonomically for a smooth riding experience, depending on your purpose.
4. What are the top speeds and ranges available with Lectrix Scooters?
LXS has a top speed of 55 kmph and a range of 89 km. The SX25 has a top speed of 25 kmph and a range of 60 km. Lectrix ECity Zip has a top speed of 45kmph with a range of 75 km.
5. Is it necessary to wear a helmet while driving a Lectrix electric scooter?
Yes, every time you go out on a ride, wear a helmet, as safety is in your hands.

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