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Is it Worth Buying an Electric Scooter in India Right Now?

This is the age of investing in a socially responsible manner, for a better future for all. While each aspect of life gets smarter, are you ensuring your mode of transport is smart too?
The world of transport evolves each moment with advancing technology and innovative solutions. Along with this, the face of two-wheeler transport has also changed. An electric scooter is known to zip through quickly and efficiently, thanks to having a lighter kerb weight. Hence, they are gaining prominence among consumers and investors in India as well.
The EV market in India is growing steadily, with sales exceeding expectations yearly. Shifting from a petrol engine to a battery-operated electric two-wheeler is a personal upgrade and a step towards a sustainable tomorrow.
With India paving its way towards a goal of 30% EVs on the road by 2030, now is the time to make your purchase. Let us talk about investing in an all electric scooter in India in 2023.

What is the Future of Electric Two-wheelers in India?

India, as you would know, is in its rapidly advancing stage. Several sustainably healthy and economic decisions are the highlight of the present, assisting the journey to the future.
India is set towards an ambitious target of directing 80% of all two-wheeler and three-wheeler sales towards electric alternatives. The reason behind this is to decarbonize the Indian transport sector.
More and more competitive providers are filling this niche market, intending to lower fuel imports. A shift into electric vehicles accounts for reduced fossil fuel dependency, less import of petroleum annually, and reduced pollution in cities.
The initial goal of India to incorporate more EVs included four major focus areas:

  • Demand creation
  • Better charging infrastructure
  • Technological development
  • Pilot projects
    Over time, several plans and policies have been brought up to match these ends and are still rising. As a result, numerous incentives and policies encouraging buyers to shift to an EV have come up, such as:
  • Income tax exemptions
  • Reduced GST
  • Beneficial loan opportunities for EVs
  • Charging infrastructure established across the nation
    Developing acceptance and a sustainable mindset of Indian consumers have also revved up the sales of EVs. The rising demand also leads to scaling in economies with reduced cost of production, hence, making EVs more affordable.
    Moreover, increased awareness about the benefits of an EV scooter often drives decisions. Have a look at the several benefits of an electric two wheeler.

Benefits of Buying an Electric Scooter

Take a look at the several features and advantages that come with the benefit of electric bike:

  1. Easy and Convenient to Use
    An electric scooter is lighter and easier to use than other fuel-run vehicles. There is no risk in using an EV, and it requires very minimal skills. Hence, it is convenient for all riders, amateurs or experts.
    The designs and features in an EV are curated to suit the needs of a modern rider. Technology adds a smart edge to running errands with mobile-controlled settings. The Lectrix electric bike is one such smart vehicle that comes with a location tracker and anti-theft features.
  2. Light and Easy to Maintain
    EVs come in a sleek design that is lightweight as compared to regular scooters. Nevertheless, the sleek and lightweight design does not compromise on any features but rather provides additional technology-driven benefits.
    It is also easy to maintain your EVs as the fewer mechanical parts make servicing a seldom task.
  3. Overall Lower Run Costs
    Although most EV options seem more expensive than a petrol scooter, they are cost-effective in the long run. The money that you will save on fuel with time, makes them a highly economical choice. Rising fuel prices in the last few years have greatly impacted the choice of Indian two-wheeler buyers today.
  4. Ease of Recharging
    Unlike fuel scooters, an EV does not require refuelling but just recharging. Recharging an EV comes with zero hassles. Just plug in the scooter or the battery, depending on whether the battery pack is removable or not, and let it charge for the stipulated time.
    Your electric scooter can be charged at home with a simple plug point. However, depending on customer needs and requirements, the manufacturer will provide you with a normal or a fast charging setup at your home. You can even make use of public charging stations. Depending on the type of your electric scooter, the charging time can be around 3 to 4 hours. The Lectrix electric scooter comes with fast charging, with only 3 hours necessary to charge your battery entirely.

EV Price Trends in India in 2023

The general price trend prediction for EVs in India in 2023 is as follows:

  • Reduced battery prices: The cost of EV batteries is going down further, increasing affordability. More significantly, the prices are expected to drop in the coming years.
  • Increased demand: rising awareness about the advantages of an EV and the rewarding incentives surrounding it increases demand. This, in turn, also reduces production costs.
  • Development of EV charging infrastructure: India might not be at par with some EV facilities in foreign countries, but it’s getting there. A higher rate of adopting EVs also encourages better-supporting infrastructure, such as charging stations and powerful batteries. This can reduce range anxiety among electric scooter riders, ultimately catering to demands.
    The Lectrix EV comes with a range of 89km and a 3-hour charging time, which makes it a convenient and trustworthy ride.
  • Newer options: With time, more and more EV manufacturers are expected to offer varied prices and features in the market. Even in this increasingly competitive scenario, the Lectrix electric scooter is slowly proving to be the preferred EV choice among customers.
  • GST on EV: The current GST on an all electric scooter is at 5%, which is predicted to rise. In such a case, investing in an electric scooter now seems the better deal.

End Notes

While buying a vehicle is a task that requires a lot of thought and vital considerations. However, with various electric scooter options now available in the market, it is easier to pick a ride that zips through roads. Along with the several factors you need to consider, a major one is the future of investing in an EV in India. Safe to say, EVs are here to stay and they will eventually evolve into the prime choice for a two-wheeler among consumers.
Ensure that you consider and compare the many crucial aspects of an EV before you make a purchase. Along with essential factors like speed, range, power, battery life, etc., you must also track price trends and make an informed investment.
Rising choices also make these options easily accessible. You can research and review products and buy electric scooters online. With the Lectrix EV website, you can book a free test ride and get to know your scooter better today!


1. How to care for electric scooters?
Here are some effective tips to ensure your e-scooter stays in good condition for longer:

  • Ensure you do not overcharge
  • Use the stipulated charger
  • Prevent keeping batteries discharged for a long time
  • Store in a clean and dry place
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Prevent riding in excess rainy weather
    2. What is the top speed of electric scooters?
    The usual top speed of an electric scooter ranges between 85-90 kmph. The top speed also depends on the model and brand of the e-scooter. Some models may also go up to 140-145kmph
    3. How long does it take to charge an electric scooter fully?
    Electric scooter batteries take nearly 3 to 4 hours for a full charge. However, the battery charging time also varies on the battery type and charging equipment efficiency.
    4. Can electric scooters be charged daily?
    It is recommended to keep your EV batteries charged after prolonged use. You can charge the batteries each day, depending on the usage. Ensure that the battery is neither overcharged nor kept discharged for too long.
    5. Can I ride an electric scooter without a licence?
    In India, riding an electric scooter with a driver’s license is permitted depending on the speed limit. Electric scooters limited to a speed of 25kmph do not require a license permit.
    6. What is the lifespan of an electric two-wheeler?
    An electric two-wheeler can last well for 10 to 15 years with proper care and regular battery maintenance. The quality and usage of the vehicle also impact the lifespan.
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