Top Features and Specs of the Lectrix SX25 EV Scooter

Are you tired of spending a fortune on fuel for your daily commute?

In an era of soaring fuel prices and noise pollution, finding an affordable and sustainable transportation option is crucial. The shortage of fossil fuels and depleting sources only make the issues worse.
Electric scooters have emerged as a popular choice. It offers a practical solution to combat increasing fuel costs and reduce noise pollution. But what is the best scooter among different variants?
Enter the Lectrix SX25 electric scooter – your ticket for a sustainable and cost-effective commute. With an electric motor that runs on electricity instead of gasoline, this scooter eliminates the need for fuel. It helps you save money on ever-fluctuating prices at the petrol pump.
But it's not just about the financial benefits. The Lectrix SX25 EV packs a punch with its powerful electric motor, ensuring quick acceleration and an exciting ride. Its lightweight design makes navigating through traffic effortless. Additionally, the long-lasting battery allows you to travel long distances on a single charge.
If you plan to bring home the best e-scooter, check out Lectrix SX25 without worry. Wondering why? Let’s walk you through the features and specs of the Lectrix SX25 electric scooters.

Lectrix SX25 EV - Future of Electric Two-Wheelers

Lectrix SX25 EV is an electric marvel designed to cater to daily commute needs. It combines style and convenience to deliver an electrifying ride without any hassles. Let’s uncover the top features and specs of the Lectrix SX25 EV Scooter, tailored to take your city commute to new heights!
Easy and Comfortable to Ride
The Lectrix SX25 electric scooter has a low ride height and is lightweight. This makes it a breeze to handle and traverse even the busiest roads without any hassles.
The electric scooter features a comfortable 760 mm seating position and sturdy construction. It ensures you enjoy every bit of your ride and commute through narrow and crowded lanes. Book a test ride today for free to experience the comfort level.

Impressive Performance

The Lectrix SX25 EV Scooter doesn’t fail to impress when it comes to performance. The e-scooter features a 250W motor and a 48 V/28 AH lead acid battery. With its powerful electric motor, the scooter can reach a top speed of up to 25kmph, ensuring an exhilarating ride.
Whether you commute to work or enjoy a leisurely weekend ride, the Lectrix SX25 delivers a responsive and dynamic performance. Before purchasing the e-scooter, you can schedule a test ride at home in three easy steps.
Easy Riding, No Stress
The Lectrix SX25 will definitely appeal to you with its easy, laid-back nature. The SX25 is powered by a 250W electric motor, which propels it to a top-speed of 25kmph. Due to its top-speed, the SX25 does not require any registration or a driving license in order to be ridden. Coupled with the fact that it is compact and lightweight, the SX25 becomes a very easy scooter to ride for anyone in your family, be it men, women, older parents, and even kids below the age of 16.
Long-Lasting Battery

Extended Range for Uninterrupted Rides

The Lectrix SX25 is a rechargeable scooter with a powerful lithium-ion battery that can travel up to 60km. The battery takes about 7-8 hours to be fully charged. It means you can confidently tackle your daily commute without worrying about running out of power.
The battery charges fast, enabling you to get back on the road in no time. Plus, the 3A battery is easily removable, making charging at home or the office convenient. It is the most sought-after benefit of electric bike e-scooters.
Moreover, Lectrix SX25’s battery has a long lifespan, saving you the cost of frequent battery replacements.

Enhanced Safety Features

If safety is a top priority, the Lectrix SX25 EV Scooter has it covered. The e-scooter ensures reliable and responsive stopping power using a robust braking system, including front and rear drum brakes.
Additionally, bright headlights and taillights provide enhanced visibility. It ensures you can confidently ride day or night. It has broad sporty tyres to help with stability and increase grip for added safety. Check all these features using the free test ride booking option and make an informed decision.

Stylish Design and Compact Size

The Lectrix SX25 EV scooter boasts a stylish and modern design, perfect for urban riders who value style and functionality. Its compact size makes it ideal for manoeuvring through congested city streets. It allows you to effortlessly navigate tight spaces and park in crowded areas.
Its eye-catching aesthetics ensure you ride in style and turn heads wherever you go.
Other Smart Features
The best e-scooter has an advanced digital LCD cluster and a crystal-clear instrument display unit. It shows real-time information about the speed, distance, and battery life. Lectrix SX25 EV comes with a handy USB port for convenient mobile charging. Placed within easy reach for your device, you can charge your phones on the go.

Price and Value Proposition

Lectrix EV SX25 electric scooter is a perfect choice for a budget-range scooter. The ex-showroom Lectrix electric scooter price is ₹54,499, offering fantastic performance and features.
With a 60km/charge battery life, you can commute around the city without worry. Plus, its top speed of 25kmph ensures safety in city traffic.
The battery only takes 7-8 hours to charge to help you get back on the road quickly. Additionally, the maintenance and running costs are lower compared to petrol scooters. Buy an electric scooter, like the Lectrix EV SX25, to save money in the long run.

Summing Up

The Lectrix EV SX25 electric scooter is a marvel built to meet each generation’s unique requirements. Whether you desire a smooth and comfortable ride or a feature-packed machine, this modern e-scooter is the perfect choice. It aims to break away from the traditional perception of an electric scooter and provide a feature-rich option.
The Lectrix SX25 EV model is well-suited for casual rides in urban environments, offering an impressive range of 60km on a single charge. Additionally, it boasts charging capabilities and ample storage options to ensure a comfortable experience throughout your journey.
Discover the magic of the best electric bike yourself. Contact a nearby dealer and conveniently book a test ride online to appreciate the seamless riding experience Lectrix EV SX25 offers.


What is the average range of Lectrix SX25 EV Scooter?
Lectrix SX25 EV Scooter’s battery life offers a 60km range on a single charge, enough for daily commutes. Its top speed is 25kmph, perfect for your safety and city traffic.
What is the price of Lectrix EV SX25 in India?
While the on-road cost may vary based on different factors, the Lectrix electric scooter price starts from ₹54,499. You can contact the nearest Lectrix dealer to check the exact cost and the available financing options.
How long does it take to fully charge the Lectrix SX25 battery?
The Lectrix EV SX25 comes with a 250 W Watt BLDC motor. Charging the 48 V / 28 AH battery to maximum capacity takes approximately 7-8 hours.
Are there different colour options available for the Lectrix SX25?
The Lectrix SX25 model has four colour variants - electric red, azure blue, neon green and zen white. You can choose the one that appeals to you and defines your style.
Are there any financing options available to buy Lectrix SX25?
You can opt for an easy loan to get a Lectrix SX25 scooter or the EMI option. While the interest rate for Lectrix EV SX25 depends on the loan amount and tenure, exclusive offers and discounts are also available to lower the cost.
Where can I buy Lectrix EV SX25 in India?
Lectrix EV SX25 is readily available in the Indian automobile market. You can either buy it from the nearest dealership showroom or book it online from its official website.

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