Top 3 Electric Scooters of 2024: Features and Performance

Gone are the days when you had to kick-start your two-wheelers to begin your journey. Today, you can enjoy a smooth riding experience with zero noise and a design built to ensure comfort, all with an electric scooter.

The EV industry has witnessed significant growth over the years and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 90%. Moreover, the Indian government is promoting the adoption of electric two-wheeler vehicles with various incentives, making it easier for riders to switch to EVs.

However, there is a common concern among people about choosing the best electric scooter in India. In this blog, we’ll look at the 3 best electric scooter options in 2024, along with their features and performance.

Ride Confidently with the Lectrix LXS

Experience an exhilarating journey with the Lectrix EV scooter. This electric scooter has an ergonomic design that ensures comfort along with style. It has a top speed of 55 km/h, which reduces travel time and enhances smooth manoeuvring on the road.

Worried about the charging costs? The Lectrix electric scooter does not run on fuel, thus saving costs. This magnificent EV has a running cost of Rs 0.12/Km, making it cheaper than most traditional scooters.

Top Features of the Lectrix LXS

The Lectrix e-scooter has several outstanding features that make it one of the best electric scooters in India. Let’s have a detailed understanding of the features of a Lectrix EV:

  • Mobile App Connectivity: This battery-operated scooter comes with a user-friendly mobile app that allows you to track your electric scooter's battery and ride details.

  • Live Tracking Feature: The LXS has a live tracking feature that ensures secure navigation throughout your journey. You can also track the exact location of your electric scooter on the application.

  • Follow-Me Headlamp: This smart feature keeps the headlight on for 15 seconds after turning off the electric scooter to provide a well-lit path for the rider.

  • Colour Range: With the LXS electric scooter, you can choose from 6 vibrant colours that match your preferences.

  • IoT Features: This electric scooter has 15 IoT features that make your riding experience smarter and safer.

Key Performance Attributes

The performance of the scooter plays a huge role when choosing an EV for your daily commute. Therefore, we have listed the key performance attributes of the LXS E-scooter to help you make an informed decision.

  • Design: The LXS is designed to provide a strong grip while accelerating, along with a spacious footboard ensuring comfort throughout the journey.

  • Fast Charging: Spend less time charging and focus on the journey ahead of you with the LXS electric scooter and its fast-charging ability.

  • Safety Features: Features like live tracking offer a feeling of safety, especially to riders who travel during the night. Additionally, the EVs top-notch braking system provides reliable stopping power.

  • Range: With the Lectrix LXS, you can enjoy a range of up to 89km upon one complete charge ensuring an uninterrupted ride.

    With its various features and performance attributes, the Lectrix LXS serves as the perfect electric scooter that meets your preferences. Additionally, its Battery Management System (BMS) ensures optimal charging of the scooter, thus decreasing maintenance costs.

    You can buy an electric scooter by locating a dealer near you or book it online from our website. Still unsure? You can also take a test ride to make an informed decision upon trial, thus ensuring complete value for money.

Explore Serene Riding with Lectrix SX25

The Lectrix electric scooter has a range of EVs that aim to revolutionise urban commuting. One such electric scooter is the Lectrix SX25. This EV is the perfect option for your daily grocery run with its smooth manoeuvring and sturdy tyres.

The running cost for the Lectrix SX25 is Rs 0.12/km, thus saving on maintenance costs. Additionally, you can get a fully charged scooter in just 7-8 hours.

Key Features of the SX25

The SX25 has numerous features which will enhance your riding experience by seamlessly riding through traffic. Here is a detailed explanation of the key features of the Lectrix SX25:

  • Design: The SX25 is designed to perfection with its sleek body and spacious boot space.

  • USB Port: Running low on time? You can get moving while you charge your phone with the USB port built into the SX25 electric scooter.

  • Fast Charging: The SX25 comes with an advanced 3A charger to optimise the battery of the EV.

  • Digital LCD Cluster: This electric scooter has a digital LCD which shows you the battery life and speed on one screen.

Performance Attributes of the SX25

The SX25 has outstanding performance attributes that make it the perfect neighbourhood ride.

  • Top Speed: The SX25 model comes with a top speed of 25km/h, giving riders a swift yet smooth riding experience.

  • Range: Upon 100% charge, you can enjoy a 60km, ensuring zero interruptions while riding.

  • Safety: The SX25 has broad sporty tyres with a premium braking system that ensures complete road safety.

Since electric scooters run on battery, they become a much cheaper option for daily commuters. To buy the SX25, you can locate a dealer near you or book it online.

With the features and benefits of the SX25, you can enjoy a comfortable journey with complete value for money.

Experience Unyielding Power with the ECity Zip

Introducing the Lectrix ECity Zip. This EV is built to carry a maximum load capacity of up to 155 kg. Its sturdy body makes it perfect for daily commuters as well as people travelling with baggage.

Features of the ECity Zip

Here are some of the features of the Lectrix ECity Zip:

  • Mobile Application: The ECity Zip has a mobile application that lets you track your battery and mileage.

  • Fast Charging: This electric scooter has a fast charging of 48V - 15A to 7.5A, and can be easily charged at your home.

  • Ground Clearance: This electric scooter is equipped with 165mm of ground clearance, making it the perfect choice for off-road adventures.

  • Head and Tail Light: This sturdy EV has a strong headlight and tail-light which ensures a safe riding experience on rocky roads, especially during nighttime.

Performance Attributes of the ECity Zip

Here are some of the performance attributes that make the ECity Zip one of the best E-scooter options in 2024:

  • Top Speed: The ECity Zip has a top speed of 45 km/h, ensuring a smooth journey with zero noise.

  • Range: The Lectrix ECity Zip takes 3 hours to complete charging and can go up to 75km per charge.

  • Acceleration: This impressive electric scooter has a top-tier performance that can go from 0-25 km/h in just 5 seconds.

If you want to buy the ECity Zip, you can do so by booking online or by using the dealer locator facility on the website.

Wrapping Up

Looking for an EV that covers all your requirements and has excellent value for money? Then these Lectrix electric scooters have got you covered. From swift commutes to spacious designs, you can get the most suitable electric scooter for your needs.

With the above features and performance attributes, you can proceed to make an informed decision to buy an electric scooter. So go ahead and book a test ride now and focus on the road ahead of you.


1. What are the features of the Lectrix LXS?

The features of Lectrix LXS include the following,

  • Live tracking

  • Mobile application connectivity

  • 15 IoT features

  • Follow-me headlamp

  • Colour Range

2. How can I buy a Lectrix E-scooter?

You can buy the Lectrix E-scooter online by booking one or by using the dealer locator on the website.

3. What is the load capacity for the ECity Zip carry?

The ECity Zip can carry a load capacity of 155kg.
4. How long does it take to charge the SX25?
It takes 7-8 hours to complete one charge for the SX25 electric scooter.
5. Are there colour options for the LXS?
Yes, there are 6 vibrant colour options for the LXS, so you can choose the colour that suits your preferences.
6. How do I book a test ride for the Lectrix LXS?
You can book a free test ride for the LXS model on the website.

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