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Reducing Air Pollution with Electric Scooters: How They Make a Difference

Everyone today is familiar with the phrase, "electric scooters are here to revolutionise the transport industry." Further, these are quickly taking over the Indian market in all major cities. You can easily find these quietly whizzing past the traffic with ease.
But customers often wonder, "how are these making a difference in reducing pollution?" While the answer is simple - reducing fossil fuel usage, the curiosity to dive deep into the subject is growing fast among individuals.
Stay tuned if you are also eager to know more about electric two-wheelers, and how they can help you make a difference. Further, you will also learn how to book your next favourite commuter, the Lectrix LXS.

Understanding the Problem of Air Pollution

If we consider a large Indian city, say Bengaluru, 2-wheeler emissions today account for 41% of particulate matter. Moreover, these also contribute to 67% of nitrogen oxide levels in the city air. This data is enough to say that these are more threatening than any other sources of pollution in cities.
Furthermore, it's said that these pollutants, along with carbon monoxide, are expected to double in the next decade. The continued usage of petrol vehicles can lead to severe health problems in the coming decades. The worst affected are infants, growing children, and senior citizens.
Today, more people are aware of these alarming facts and eager to shift to a more sustainable alternative. This is why more people are looking to buy electric scooters than ever before. These EVs are quickly gaining popularity and acceptance due to their brilliant performance. Besides, firms like Lectrix are consistently innovating to upgrade their top electric scooters for convenient commuting.
Let's understand electric scooters more comprehensively.

Introducing Electric Scooters

Electric scooters are like traditional scooters in every way. Except that they run entirely on electrical energy. This is achieved by the conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy, which then propels the scooters forward. The energy source is a long-lasting battery that provides decent mileage on a single charge.
Moreover, leading vehicles like Lectrix EV scooters provide a mileage of anywhere close to 89 km on a single charge. These scooters are designed to provide an efficient mode of transport without adversely impacting the environment.
Let's now understand the major difference between an electric scooter and a traditional petrol scooter.

Comparing Electric Scooters and Traditional Scooters

The following table outlines the difference between a traditional and an electric scooter.
Sure, here is a markdown table comparing electric scooters and traditional scooters based on the given criteria:
| Criteria | Electric Scooter | Traditional Scooter |
|--------------------------- | ------------------------------------------------- | --------------------------------------------------- |
| Power Source | Electricity | Petrol |
| Tailpipe emissions | Nil | Emits dangerous pollutants like carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, particulate matter, etc. |
| Efficiency | Higher torque due to electric motors | Lower torque due to internal combustion engine |
| Noise Pollution | Zero Noise | Causes significant noise pollution |
| Impact on Environment | Minimal Impact | Significantly impacts through noise and air pollution |
| Maintenance | Simple to maintain | Need consistent maintenance, oil checks, fluid checks, etc |
| Fuel Cost | Minimal due to lower electricity price | Higher fuel price |
| Design Range | Available in various designs and colours | Available in various designs and colours |
| Government Incentive | Customers can claim incentives for purchasing EV scooters | No incentives available |

Environmental Benefits of Electric Scooters

Electric vehicles, such as Lectrix electric scooters, offer several environmental benefits, such as:

  • Pollutant Emission: Since electric scooters do not have any tailpipe emissions, they significantly decrease air pollution and enhance overall air quality, creating a healthier atmosphere.
  • Greenhouse effect: Due to their absence of pollution, electric scooters significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions, particularly carbon dioxide (CO2).
  • Energy Source: Regenerative energy sources like solar or wind power can almost eliminate greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Preserving non-renewable sources: Top electric scooters help to save scarce and non-renewable fossil fuels by lowering the demand for petrol and diesel and encouraging resource preservation.
  • Waste Reduction: Electric scooters do not require oil changes, thereby reducing oil wastage.
  • Noise reduction: EVs are substantially quieter to run than scooters fuelled by petrol. In electric scooters, there are no combustion engines or mechanical noises to disturb riders or pedestrians in the city.

Other Benefits of Electric Scooters

Advanced electric scooters like the Lectrix LXS provide several features to facilitate smooth commutes. Some of these include:

  • Connectivity via Mobile App: You can link your vehicle to a mobile app for real-time scooter updates.
  • Follow-Me Headlamp: Keeps the headlights on for roughly 15 seconds, illuminating the path for safety.
  • Live location tracking: This makes it easier for you to determine the location and direction of your scooter.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) enabled functions: EVs with IoT technology improve your riding experience by providing more cutting-edge and practical parts.
  • Advanced Battery Management Systems (BMS): These can help you charge your electric scooter more effectively and extend its range.
    If you are already excited about riding an electric scooter, you can also book test rides online. Bring home the Lectrix LXS for a test ride at home to first hand enjoy its benefits.

Final Thoughts

In the present era, pollution is a challenge everywhere, including in India. Additionally, the increasing number of petrol or diesel vehicles only contributes to rising pollutant levels. This has caused major concern in the government, which vigorously promotes viable alternatives like electric scooters.
Generally, all the electric scooters categorised under top-performing, like the LXS from Lectrix electric scooters brand, offer carbon neutrality. More customers today opt for test ride booking of these EVs to find their next ride. Act now and book a test ride online today to takethe next step towards a greener environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do electric scooters contribute to the reduction of pollution?
Electric scooters do not emit dangerous pollutants like Nitrogen Oxide and Carbon Monoxide. Further, these are also quieter and do not cause noise pollution.
What is the basic functioning of an electric scooter?
An electric scooter works on the principle of conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy. The electric energy is provided through a rechargeable battery,
How do electric scooters help in reducing noise pollution?
Since electric scooters do not have an internal combustion engine, they are much more silently operating.
How do electric scooters contribute to waste reduction?
Electric scooters do not require oil or brake fluids replacements. This leads to no waste generation of any type.
Can I use a regular power outlet to charge my electric scooter at home?
Yes, electric scooters can be charged using regular sockets at your home.
How far can an electric scooter travel on a single charge?
Electric scooters, like the Lectrix LXSG 3.0, can travel up to 105 km on a single charge.

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