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A Guide to Choose the Perfect Electric Scooter for Your Needs

It is no secret that fuel prices have been on an upwards slope for the last few years. The cost of petrol, diesel and CNG has increased substantially without any significant rise in average household incomes.
During turbulent times like these, it might not be feasible for everyone to use their vehicles regularly, especially for shorter distances.
Here's where you can use a more economical option – electric scooters. Compact, lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, electric scooters offer a fun alternative to complete your errands without adding to your financial stress.
But with India aiming for 100% electrification by 2030, the market is ripe with competitors offering electric scooters with distinctive strengths and features. Out of these options, which one is tailored to your needs?
Here's a look at some benefits of an electric scooter and factors to consider before you buy electric scooter.

Why Choose an Electric Scooter?

With all the talk about electric cars in the Indian market, the relevance of scooters has taken a backseat. However, both of them have different use cases and offer varying benefits.
For instance, an electric car is more suited for long-distance commutes. Most electric cars have batteries that comfortably go beyond 350 km using a single charge.
But electric scooters are dedicated to short distances. Whether you want to run out to get a quick haircut or get a photograph taken, you can use a trusty electric scooter from Lectrix EV to travel to these locations hassle-free. Plus, Lectrix scooters also offer the following benefits:
No exertion: Unlike a bicycle, an electric scooter does not require physical exertion. It moves forward using the throttle, a mechanism commonly employed in two-wheelers.
Ample storage space: Take advantage of 25 litres of storage space to carry your shopping items with utmost comfort.
Accessible charging point: Charge your device as you complete your errands with a convenient charging point at the nape of the external storage space.
Electric scooters are also available in attractive, vivid colours to match your aesthetics.
Considerations Before Choosing an Electric Scooter
The most significant benefit of electric scooters lies in the options available. You can customise and take your pick according to multiple factors, ranging from design to weight.

Here is a brief rundown of the critical factors to consider before purchasing an electric scooter:


The motor size of an electric scooter indicates its power. For example, a 300-watt motor will be less powerful than a 600-watt motor.
Using the scooter primarily on flat roads might not require a higher wattage. But if you reside near a hilly region, a high-power scooter will make it easier to drive uphill without problems.

Tyre Type

Electric scooters are fitted with one of two kinds of tyres – pneumatic or solid. Each type has its share of strengths and weaknesses, as given below.
Pneumatic (Air-filled) Tyres
Solid (Air-less) Tyres
Prone to punctures and regular maintenance
Not susceptible to punctures, irrespective of the surface
Operate well on uneven surfaces due to firmer grip and traction
Limit vibrations and remain intact for longer distances
Ultimately, the choice depends on the nature of your roads. Solid types are more suited if you are in a remote vicinity, while pneumatic tyres are suitable for other types of landscapes.
It is recommended to ask the concerned electric scooter dealership about the tyres before proceeding.


Range refers to the distance a scooter can travel on a single full charge. It is vital to choose a range that is suited for intended usage.
Keep in mind that range is calculated with the assumption that the scooter will be travelling on flat ground. So, if you have slopes and uphill roads in your vicinity, choosing a scooter with a higher range is safer.
For example, the Lectrix EV LXS offers a range of 89 km with just 3 hours of charging, making it a reliable option to complete errands or traverse the city easily.

IP Ratings

IP ratings are an indicator of the dust and water resistance of a scooter. No IP rating equates to a lack of water protection. Hence, such scooters cannot be used during monsoons since water exposure can prove disastrous.
The highest water resistance is assured by an IP67 rating, which deems the scooter suitable for enduring heavy rains in all terrain. So, if you reside in an area known for frequent or heavy rainfall, opting for electric scooters with higher IP ratings is wiser.

Speed Limit

On average, electric scooters offer a speed limit of up to 40 km/hour. Essentially, the speed limit or top speed is the maximum speed attainable when you go full throttle. Lower speed limits are practical for city applications since it is easier to maintain balance at low speeds during heavy or moderate traffic.
But if you aspire for higher speeds, options like the Lectrix EV LXS boast a speed limit of 50kmph. This increased speed limit makes riding on highways easy and reaching your destination quicker.

Weight and Rider Weight Capacity

The scooter's weight is an essential metric that determines two things – the number of people it can carry without trouble and the manoeuvrability.
The rider weight capacity is necessary to consider if you plan to have a pillion rider for most trips. Scooters with higher weight capacity also increase comfort for both riders and reduce the chances of cramping or pains during longer distances.
Simultaneously, the weight of the scooter decides the ease of handling. Bulkier scooters are difficult to turn but offer a far more stable riding experience. On the other hand, lighter scooters are ideal if you're looking to eliminate handling issues altogether.

Security Features

Just as how you take out insurance to stay guarded against potential vehicle damage, it is necessary to secure your electric scooter against the threat of theft.
With the Lectrix EV scooter offering in-built live scooter tracking through a dedicated app, it is easier to know its exact location. Such in-built security features also make it easier to find your scooter in a crowded mall parking lot or on a busy street.
All in all, it's a matter of convenience. Features like live tracking, a charging point, and generous storage space are valuable in elevating your riding experience.

Final Thoughts

Counted as one of the best electric scooter in India, Lectrix LXS offers increased convenience at an economical price. All they require is an initial investment, after which you can save considerably on fuel costs. Running errands will be easier as you can achieve a range of up to 89 km using a single charge with revolutionary scooters like the Lectrix LXS.
Most notably, an electric scooter decreases reliance on fossil fuels and helps you save money in the long run. With running costs as low as 0.12 per km and fast charging, you can take your scooter for a spin as often as you like.
So, why the reluctance? Explore the Lectrix electric scooter range and choose your preferred colour to enjoy a modern electric scooter that offers a healthy mix of aesthetics and impeccable performance.

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