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Ride the Future of Mobility: Try Out Lectrix Electric Scooters at Home for Free

Have you ever been fascinated by an electric scooter zipping through your streets?
Even without a sound, it is impossible not to give a second glance at these majestic machines as they stand out with their green number plates. But observations aside, have you wondered what the riding experience could be?
Thankfully, you can book a test ride at home for free with Lectrix EV. The thrill of riding an e-scooter differs from a fuel-based vehicle. Plus, a test ride will also help you assess the operating mechanism of the scooter. It might be the push you need to buy your electric scooter.
Why is it important to schedule a test ride before buying? How can you test-ride Lectrix EV scooters at home? Stay with us as we answer these questions and clear your queries about the state of e-scooters in India.

Explore E-Scooter Capabilities with a Test Ride

It might seem like every e-scooter has the same specifications and features on paper. Then, there is no way to find the best e-scooter unless you book test ride.
A test ride achieves multiple goals simultaneously. For one, you get to experience the scooter and understand several aspects of the machine, such as:
Weight: The lighter a vehicle is, the easier it is to balance. In the case of e-scooters, understanding the weight of the machine will help you decide if you can ride it comfortably without feeling that the scooter is too light or bulky.
Convenience features: Knowing that the Lectrix LXS has a 25-litre storage capacity might not sink in. Instead, you can observe the storage space for yourself and store some things to understand better the number of items that fit perfectly.
Top speed: The Lectrix LXS offers a top speed of 55 kmph. You can use the test ride to check if this limit caters to you. If not, you can opt for a different model with a lower speed limit.
Secondly, you secure an idea of the quality and build of the e-scooter. It helps you ascertain which colour to choose and if the design elements are tailored to your aesthetics.
Ultimately, test rides aim to ensure you’re confident in your purchase. So, why not book test ride online with Lectrix EV now?

Booking a Test Ride for Lectrix EV at Home

At Lectrix, we understand that the e-scooter market is a newer space yet to be trusted completely. Internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles have dominated the market for years, and it can be challenging to switch to an e-scooter suddenly.
Rest assured, your opinions will change when you experience the seamless riding experience of Lectrix EV scooters with test ride booking. Here’s how you can schedule one from the comfort of your home:
Enter your details: Input your name, city, date and preferred time slot to help us understand when you need the vehicle for a test ride.
Receive the scooter: Our diligent team will deliver the Lectrix electric scooter right to your doorstep to prevent hassles. You can experience the machine first-hand within the limit of the chosen time spot.
Be a part of the experience: Ride these battery-operated machines in the vicinity to get a complete picture of their specifics and features. Explore over 15 in-built convenience features that elevate your riding experience and help you charge your phone on the go, track your vehicle, and immobilise it instantly if needed.
We offer flexible timeslots spread out over 3 hours to give you ample time to test-ride our e-scooters and make a decision. No pressure, only an enjoyable riding experience that will clear the misconceptions about e-scooters.

Choose Lectrix EV for Increased Savings and Faster Trips!

Lectrix EV scooters offer an optimum blend of aesthetics, performance and convenience to present you with a well-rounded machine. Finish grocery runs or visit nearby dinner places with our highlight offering, the LXS. It offers a range of 89km on a single charge and caters to intracity and highway rides.
Once you go to Lectrix, you will never go back. Here are the features that distinguish our e-scooters from the crowd:
Effortless app connectivity: Use a single app to track your vehicle's overall health and performance. With insights like battery percentage, anti-theft trigger, battery swapping and charging options, it offers a simple way to stay connected with your e-scooter.
Sporty tyres: Lectrix EV machines comprise broad, sporty tyres that enhance handling and performance. The large surface area of these tyres helps them achieve a better grip on different roads. As an added bonus, they also improve the look of the scooter.
Minimal operating cost: Say goodbye to rising fuel costs and embrace battery-powered Lectrix EV scooters! With a running charge of only ₹0.12 per km, convenience comes at a discounted rate.
Pollution–free: Lectrix EV scooters produce no noise or toxic fumes, making them a pollution-free alternative. With climate change inching closer, this sustainable mode of transportation is exactly what you need to play your part in saving the environment without making significant compromises.
Undoubtedly, e-scooters provide relief to both the roads and the environment. They are easy to maneuver in traffic and compact enough to fit in smaller spaces. No longer will you be fated to face time-consuming traffic for nearby errands.
But don’t take our word for it. Why not take a test ride at home and decide for yourself?

Final Thoughts

With unmatched consistency and enviable designs, Lectrix EV scooters have emerged as modern machines focusing on the overall user experience. Your rides will be smoother and more secure with our e-scooters, as they offer a perfect mix of accessibility and convenience for a seamless riding experience.
But it is challenging to understand their potential without scheduling a test ride. Before you buy electric scooter, you can book a test ride online at home. Our team will deliver the vehicle to your house at your preferred time. From there on, the ball is in your court.
So, find out what the hype is about. Schedule your test ride from home immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Lectrix EV offer a test ride at home?
Yes. Fill out the form on the page with all the relevant details and choose your timeslot. Our team will deliver the scooter at your preferred time slot, and you can enjoy an uninterrupted riding session.
What are the colour options available in Lectrix LXS?
Combined with a modern and sleek design, the Lectrix LXS comes in multiple complementary colours. Some shades include azure blue, electric red, neon green, zen white and zing black.
How long does the battery of Lectrix EV scooters last?
On average, e-scooter batteries last 5 – 7 years on continuous usage. The periodic battery replacement cost is still lower than fuel charges for the same period.
How can I book the Lectrix EV after the test ride?
You can book Lectrix EV online through our dedicated website or visit a nearby showroom if you prefer to partake in the physical experience of purchasing.
Do I have to pay money for a test ride at home with Lectrix EV?
No! We offer a completely free test ride at home. This way, you can experience our machines without commitment and decide if they cater to your requirements.
What is the charging time for Lectrix LXS?
The Lectrix LXS supports rapid charging, enabling you to charge your machine in only 3 hours. Post this, you can travel a maximum distance of 89km before you need to recharge your e-scooter.

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