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How Electric Scooters are Redefining Urban Transportation

The rising prices of petrol and diesel are worrying everyone who owns fuel-based vehicles. It also impacts public transportation costs, affecting middle-class citizens the most. So, you might be on the lookout for cheaper and more efficient solutions for urban mobility.
That’s why electric scooters can be a boon to the society. Being efficient and compact, it’s an excellent mode of daily transportation. You can cover short and long distances without causing noise pollution on these e-scooters. Plus, they’re easy to park!
Continue reading the article to learn how electric scooters are transforming modern transportation. If you want to buy these scooters, here’s all you need to know!

Making Daily Transportation Convenient

Your daily trips might include travelling to the office, university, school, or tuition classes. While you can cover most of these via public transportation, some trips might feel inconvenient.
A destination might be too short to reach through a bus or auto rickshaw, and you may not feel like walking there. That is when you'll need a simple transportation system like an electric scooter. It is easy to operate this vehicle, as you can learn the controls faster.
E-scooters are well-structured and lightweight, so you can conveniently complete short distances.
Over the years, electric scooters have become popular among professionals and students. Most citizens have also embraced e scooty as a modern transport alternative. It is also a fantastic option for tourists exploring a new locality.
Moreover, if you like to go out every day but don't prefer a bicycle, an e-scooter will be a convenient option.

Solving Traffic Congestion Issues

Suppose you are attending an important college lecture or a job interview. You get on a personal vehicle or a bus and get stuck in traffic for hours! This is common in most Indian and international cities around the globe.
As the population increases, more people purchase personal vehicles, creating more traffic. Traffic-congested areas were common in metro cities but are now prevalent in Tier-2 cities like Lucknow and Jaipur. An electric scooter can be the perfect solution to all these traffic woes.
Be it the top electric scooter or a standard model, they are all very compact. The vehicle takes up less space than a regular petrol scooter and a lot less than a car.
You can cut through congested locations while on the go
Take advantage of the smaller gaps in the traffic and travel faster
More e scooty adoption will reduce the total vehicle volume on roads

Reducing Dependency on Cars

As people understand the benefits of e-scooters, like convenience, they are ditching cars and petrol scooters.
Cost efficiency is another major cause for this shift toward vehicles like Lectrix electric scooter. All electric scooters run on power and require no fossil fuels like traditional vehicles. So, an e scooty will save you a lot of money per mile, as petrol prices are too expensive.
For example, the Lectrix EV scooter LXS has a top speed of 55kmph and costs just 0.12 per kilometre. Doesn't that sound outstanding? The scooter covers a total distance of 89km. These scooters can help you save around INR 40,000 to 45,000 per year.
So, people love going on short outings and handling their daily commute on an electric two wheeler. If you know someone about to buy a car, suggest an electric scooter instead!

Appropriate For All Types of Drivers

Electric scooters have uncomplicated controls and functionalities, making learning convenient for everyone. So seasoned and new drivers can easily operate these vehicles.
E-scooters have various user-friendly functionalities. There is no manual shifting, only a throttle for acceleration and brake levers stopping. Moreover, safety features like headlights, reflectors, and taillights also improve convenience.
As a result, more people are interested in purchasing these e-scooters. The manageable speeds of the scooters also make it easier to drive through busy roads. More city dwellers may switch to e-scooties in the coming years.
The State of Electric Scooters in the Indian Market
As India is the world's largest two-wheeler manufacturer, companies constantly aim to launch efficient vehicles. Scooter manufacturing companies have started investing heavily in the research and development of modern models.
Due to significant market demand, organizations want to create the best electric scooter in India. So, the demand and development are expected to keep increasing.
The government has also started launching initiatives to boost the production of electric scooters and similar vehicles.
Electric Scooter Subsidies
Under the Make in India campaign, the government has introduced subsidies for electric scooters and associated vehicles. The Faster Adoption and Manufacture of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles (FAME) program was launched to support manufacturers and consumers.
So, customers planning to buy an e-scooter will receive a special subsidy that reduces the price. The subsidy rates will differ as per the state where you buy electric scooter.
On average, you will get a subsidy of INR 10,000/kWh and a 50 to 100% road tax exemption.
Enhanced E Scooter Financing
Do you want to buy scooter but don’t have the required funds? Don’t worry, as e-scooter manufacturers are offering loans to help you. Receive quick disbursal, simple down payments, and exclusive offers.
Companies such as Lectrix have an online EMI calculator on their website for added convenience.

In Conclusion

Purchasing electric scooters will make your life more comfortable and help save transportation expenses. As many companies are manufacturing these efficient vehicles, you'll have many options to choose from. R & D might boost the performance of the scooters in the near future.
However, you must focus on the scooter's functionalities before purchasing. It will enable you to pick a model that will suit your requirements and budget. You must choose a popular product like the Lectrix EV scooter with high-tech features for a smoother ride.
Moreover, find the nearest e scooty service centers and charging stations to travel hassle-free!


Can Electric Scooters Replace Traditional Vehicles?
Electric scooters can replace traditional scooters due to cost savings, compact design, and usability.
Are There Any Licensing Requirements To Ride An E Scooty?
You don't require a license if the e-scooter has a speed of 25kmph. You don’t need registration for these vehicles.
What Is The State Of Charging Stations in India?
There are more than 1600 charging stations for e-scooters across 216 Indian cities. Maharashtra has the most number of charging stations, which is 468. These numbers are expected to increase later on.
Are Electric Scooter Charging Stations Free In India?
No, these charging stations are not free. You have to pay the charging fee according to the rules specified for that particular state.
Will Electric Scooter-Sharing Programs Transform Urban Transportation?
Electric scooter-sharing programs can help people rent scooters on demand through apps. This will reduce excessive traffic, transportation costs, and parking problems.
Is using electric scooters good for your health and well-being?
Yes, electric scooters promote physical activity and help you travel comfortably. This impacts your blood circulation and boosts mental health.

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