5 Reasons Why You Need an Electric Scooter in Your Life

Is your daily commute to the office getting inconvenient?
Whether for work or college, managing your transportation costs is a must if you travel daily. You might travel by bus, cycle rickshaws, autos, or private vehicles. But, rising fuel costs will increase your transportation expenses. How about trying out an electric scooter?
Electric scooters from renowned brands like Lectrix can make your daily journeys cost-efficient and convenient. Moreover, if you buy electric scooter, it'll not have the emissions as standard fuel-based vehicles. This keeps the people and surroundings healthy!
Other reasons to choose these vehicles include less maintenance, no noise pollution, and user-friendliness. If you're still unsure about buying the vehicle, read this post to learn all about an electric scooter!

Silent Operation

You may have a bike, scooter, or car that helps you get to your destination daily. Or, you might take an auto or bus to move around. But, have you ever considered the immense noise pollution these vehicles cause day in and day out?
As cities and towns keep expanding, noise pollution levels keep increasing too. To reduce the pollution, you can opt for an e-scooter. They make almost no noise while moving, maintaining everyone's peace of mind.
These vehicles are manufactured differently than traditional scooters, bikes, and automobiles. The tailpipes have no emissions, so there aren't any loud exhaust sounds. Their motor electric motor-powered engines are also not as noisy as combustion engines.
Even when you charge electric scooters, it is silent. Therefore, using the e scooter is almost noiseless and brings down the noise pollution levels significantly.
So, if you buy a Lectrix EV and use it, you can encourage others to buy it as well. Such a collective effort will help control the noise levels, especially in congested areas.

Simple Maintenance

One of the most essential benefits of electric scooters is their low operating or maintenance hassles. As e-scooters don't have the mechanical parts of a standard scooter, you'll save a lot on repairs.
The primary part of an electric scooter that you should be concerned about is the battery. These batteries are extremely long-lasting and can serve you for around 5 years. Moreover, your selected electric scooter dealership will give you a warranty for the battery for approximately 3 to 5 years.
Even if the battery gets damaged after the warranty period, you can get it fixed under your budget. Most importantly, your scooter won't require a visit to the mechanic now and then, like other vehicles. Its electric motor also requires less maintenance and repairs.
Just follow some simple tips to save maintenance costs and ride your e-scooter for years –
Always charge the scooter using the original charger
Never leave the scooter's battery in a heated area
Completely charge the battery every 30 days for maximum performance

Long-Term Cost Savings

A petrol-based vehicle will cost around INR 150 if you travel for 100km with a speed of 70 kmph. With fuel prices increasing every passing day, these traveling expenses are bound to spike. It means the expenses of using a petrol bike or scooter will just get costlier in the future.
This is where all electric scooter beats standard fuel-based scooters. You might have to pay around INR 35 to cover a distance of 150 km maximum. These figures can vary according to the scooter brand.
For example, the scooter Lectrix LXS has a maximum range of 89 km and travels 0 to 25 km/h in 5 seconds. With a charging time of around 3 hours, this scooter can save you up to INR 45,000 annually.
For a petrol scooter, this yearly running cost can be almost INR 22,000!

Suitable For All Types of Riders

Have you already started searching "e scooter dealer near me" online? But, one aspect might bother you a bit – the learning curve. As every vehicle needs some time to master, you might think learning to ride e-scooters is time-consuming.
In reality, learning to ride an electric scooter is fairly simple. You do not have to audio about mastering the scooter's clutch or manual transmission. LCD vehicle controlling unit, front LED lights, and bright headlights make it easier to learn e-scooter riding.
So, even if you are an inexperienced scooter rider, an e scooty will be suitable for you. Due to the simple features of the scooters, riders of all skill levels can learn conveniently. It makes e-scooters great for college students to ride around their campus or for tourists exploring multiple locations.
In addition, electric scooters have a compact design which is ideal for navigating through traffic. It helps you travel quickly and conveniently.

Living an Active Life

Do you like to travel a lot and live a very active life? Even if you do, transportation expenses and hassles might stop you. That's when an electric scooter will change your life.
Due to the several benefits like convenience, cost-efficiency, and usability, the e-scooter will be your new travel partner. Along with traveling on a budget, its lightweight and modern design will help you park it anywhere easily.
So, no more problems finding a proper parking spot while on the move!
Secondly, these vehicles have a decent speed, allowing you to cover short distances quickly. Taking a short trip around town to relax your mind will be fun on these scooters. Plus, you can power up the batteries at a charging station easily.
That's not all! If you have a top electric scooter, you'll enjoy high-tech features such as GPS navigation and location tracking. So, finding the best routes to your destination will be convenient. If you feel lost, you can always use the live maps to get back to safety.

Easy Home Charging

One of the benefits of an electric scooter is that you can charge it easily at home. All you need to do is find a 3-pin socket, and connect your electric scooter charger to it. If your scooter has removable batteries, it gets even easier, as you can simply carry the battery and charger directly to your room, and then connect the charger to a 3-pin socket.
Leading electric scooters such as the Lectrix LXS come with a battery pack that supports fast-charging, which means you can fully charge the battery in just 3 to 4 hours.

Summing Up

If you want to buy the best electric scooter in India, go for the Lectrix electric scooter LXS model. With an in-built battery management system, the vehicle can easily cover 89 km with a single full charge.
Moreover, you can access all the technical information of your Lectrix EV scooter using the user-friendly mobile app. Other exciting features like live location tracking, fast charging, and convenient headlights make your journey smooth.
However, you must select a reputed dealer while Googling "EV dealer near me". This step will help you receive proper documentation, licensing, and post-sales services. Happy riding!


What Is The Average Battery Life Of An Electric Scooter?
The average battery life of an e scooter is around 2 to 5 years. Plus, you will get a warranty that helps you manage any battery-related problems. So, with just proper charging and maintenance, you can preserve the battery for 4 years.
This makes an electric scooter a great value for money.
Is It Possible To Schedule A Test Ride Before Buying The E Scooter?
When you buy scooter, most manufacturers offer a test ride. You can visit the Lectrix website to learn more about booking test rides by filling up the necessary form.
Can Electric Scooters Accommodate Two People?
Yes, most e scooters like Lectrix LXS can carry two people comfortably as the vehicle has plenty of space.

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