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Eco-Friendly and Stylish: Discovering the Electric Scooter Collection From Lectrix EV

Are you plagued with rising fuel prices that have increased the price of daily commutes?
In 2018, petrol prices in several cities were hovering around ₹60 per litre. Fast forward to 2023, it is easy to find prices as high as ₹106 per litre. This was a 76% increase in only 5 years! The rapid consumption of fossil fuels and the shortage only adds to the problem.

Amidst these circumstances, what is the best alternative?

Enter Lectrix EV with an enviable collection of electric scooters! Bringing a mix of aesthetics and optimum performance, Lectrix e-scooters are perfect for all your commuting needs. Whether you are going out to dinner with friends or purchasing groceries, our collection of customisable e-scooters caters to every demand.
However, with the abundance of e-scooters in the market, what makes Lectrix EV stand out? Before you book a test ride at home, stay with us as we highlight the strengths of Lectrix e-scooters and walk you through our range of machines.

Introducing the Lectrix EV Range

Did you know modern e-scooters have inculcated a mix of performance with style?
When these machines were first introduced, the market was brimming with praises for their low cost and general affordability. But aesthetics are an integral component of the 21st century. After all, unique designs help differentiate your machine from the crowd and can make heads turn.
Recognising this market, Lectrix EV has introduced some of the best electric scooters in India that offer more than the bare minimum. Here is our carefully-crafted range of e-scooters, each with unique features and designs:

Lectrix LXS

The Lectrix LXS is one of our highlight offerings, with several features that cater to your requirements. It is the top electric scooter for your trips and ensure maximum comfort and accessibility to suit your needs. Here are some features that make it an attractive prospect in the market.
Charging time of 3 hours to reduce your waiting times
Smart charging technology disconnects on the completion of a full charge
A maximum speed of 55kmph to support highway and inter-city trips
Range of 89km to help you travel seamlessly without running out of charge
Vivid colour options like electric red, azure blue and moody orange to suit your style
25 litre-storage capacity for maximum comfort
In-built charging to charge your devices on-the-go
Zip through the city with a strong motor that produces no noise. The LXS also offers a live tracking option to find your scooter, no matter where you park it.

Lectrix SX25

Hailed as the ideal neighbourhood ride, the SX25 is a more economical option if you aim to use the scooter for nearby errands. Sporting a sleek and sporty design similar to the LXS, the SX25 is ideal for everyday usage.
Some features are as follows:
60km range that makes it ideal for intra city rides
7 to 8 hours of charging time to enable comfortable overnight charge
Top speed of 25kmph to minimise the risks of accidents
No license and registration required
Additionally, it comes with 3A advanced charging to charge your vehicle even when you’re asleep.

ECity Zip

With a 155kg loading capacity, the ECity Zip is ideal for storing and transporting multiple items. It is marked by a tough body and a sleek design that leaves little to be desired.
Here are some salient features of the ECity Zip:
The maximum range of 75km to travel nearby distances on a single charge.
Minimalistic design that adds to the compactness of the vehicle.
165mm of ground clearance to traverse through all kinds of roads.
Use of high-strength materials in its body to help carry heavy goods without an issue.
Accompanied by flexible home charging options, the ECity Zip is a beast that offers enhanced durability.

Why Choose Lectrix EV Scooters?

With global emissions reaching a record high, e-scooters are the perfect alternatives to fuel-based machines. They offer integral features that put them on par with internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles while saving fossil fuels from depletion.
Here’s why Lectrix EV scooters are ideal for you:
Low running cost: With a mere running cost of ₹0.12 per kilometre, you can rest assured that Lectrix EV scooters are light on your wallet. The only cost incurred is the electricity cost, considerably less than the rising fuel costs.
Lack of sound: Due to the lack of a traditional motor, EV scooters produce no sound. In turn, they do not add to noise pollution. You can zip through the streets at your own pace without worrying about engine sounds that contribute to pollution.
No exhaust fumes: Air pollution is a major concern in the present world. But with the Lectrix EV range, the lack of exhaust means no fumes are released into the environment.
Compact and small frame: Lectrix EV scooters are lightweight but possess a sturdy and compact design. This means you can easily beat traffic and travel through small spaces without getting stuck.
Anti-theft measures: Security is at the core of Lectrix scooters as they are equipped with an immobilisation feature. So, if your vehicle is stolen, you can disable it on the spot to avoid it getting used.
Emergency SOS: Stuck in a place and unsure what to do? The Lectrix EV range offers the option to send SOS to immediately call upon emergency services and help you from your predicament.
Ultimately, you get access to a machine that offers the best of both worlds, except for the added hassle of spending on fuel. Plus, batteries in these machines last for several years before they need to be changed.

Final Thoughts

The Lectrix EV range is crafted specifically to account for the needs of every generation. Whether you require a smooth ride or a feature-laden machine, our modern e-scooters are perfect. We aim to diverge from the traditional outlook of an electric scooter and make it feature-rich to increase convenience.
All Lectrix EV machines cater to different types of users. For instance, the LXS is more suited for casual rides throughout the city, with an 89 km range that helps you travel longer distances. At the same time, it offers charging and storage options to ensure comfort throughout the ride.
So, why not experience the magic of our e-scooters yourself? Contact a nearby dealer and book a test ride online to appreciate the seamless riding experience yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Lectrix EV different from other e-scooter brands?
Lectrix EV offers a collection of e-scooters geared towards customers who enjoy convenience and accessibility. These electric scooters comprise of 15 in-built IoT features, an anti-theft system, and low operating costs after purchase.
What are the finance options for Lectrix EV scooters?
You can opt for an easy loan to get your own Lectrix EV scooter or rely on EMIs. Plus, government subsidies (depending on your state) also help you save big on purchasing these scooters.
What are some features of the Lectrix LXS?
The Lectrix LXS offers a bundle of features, such as:
155kg loading capacity
Emergency SOS
Anti-theft system
Live location tracking
Is the Lectrix LXS ideal for city applications?
Yes, the Lectrix LXS offers a range of 89km on a single charge, making it ideal for riding around the city. Additionally, it boasts a maximum speed limit of 55kmph, allowing you to ride it on highways as well.
What are the colours in which the Lectrix scooters are available?
Lectrix scooters are available in vivid and attractive colours like electric red, moody orange, azure blue, neon green, zing black and zen white.
Do Lectrix scooters offer smart charging?
Yes, Lectrix EV scooters are equipped with smart charging to help you place your machines on an overnight charge without any complications.

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