What is the Battery Replacement Cost of E-Scooters in India

Electric scooters in India are on a steady rise as the market grows more aware of their consumption choices.
In 2021, electric two-wheeler sales were up to 305%. The EV market grew from 2,000 EVs to 6,00,000 in 8 years. In 2022, electric vehicle (EV) sales accounted for 4% of the total sales of two-wheelers.
According to Statista, the potential demand for electric two-wheelers in India could reach as high as 8.2 million per year.
As more individuals recognise the advantages of EV vehicles, it becomes important to investigate the practical issues of owning one. The cost of battery replacement is an important element to consider.
It directly affects how affordable and practical these electric wonders will be in the long run.
This article analyses the many elements relating to electric scooter battery replacement costs in India, giving you important information to help you choose your electric vehicle wisely.

Electric Scooter Batteries

Picture the battery of your electric scooter as its equivalent to a conventional vehicle's fuel tank. Acting as a reservoir for energy, it supplies power to the DC motor, lights, controller, and other essential accessories.
Lithium-ion battery packs reign supreme in electric scooters, boasting exceptional energy density and longevity.
The battery pack comprises individual cells and sophisticated electronics within the scooter's framework. They are a battery management system to ensure safe and efficient operation.
While larger battery packs offer greater capacity, measured in watt-hours or kilowatt-hours, enabling extended travel distances, they also contribute to the scooter's bulk and weight, compromising portability and handling.
Moreover, batteries represent one of the costliest components of an electric scooter, directly influencing the overall price tag.

Types of Electric Scooter Batteries

Let's simplify the complex jargon around electric scooter battery packs. The real components of these packs are numerous individual battery cells, specifically 18650 batteries. Don't be confused by the name.

  • They are categorised according to their size, roughly 18mm in diameter and 65mm in length.
  • These 18650 cells may not seem particularly striking when viewed individually. It has a capacity of about 2.6Ah and creates an electric potential of roughly 3.6V, comparable to its power level.
  • Like your scooter's fuel tank, capacity represents how much energy it can hold. Simply put, this means that each cell has a storage capacity of about 9.4 watt-hours.
    By understanding the basic characteristics of these battery cells, you get insight into the energy capacity they can deliver. There are three main types of batteries.
  • Lithium-ion
  • Lead-acid
  • Nickel-metal hydride.
    Despite being relatively expensive, lithium-ion batteries are widely used by top electric scooter brands in India, like the Lectrix scooter.

Why Lithium-Ion Batteries?

Lithium-ion batteries have become popular and are a favoured option for producers of electric vehicles like the Lectrix EV. Here's why:

  • They have superior performance, energy density, and lifespan.
  • They provide riders with the best performance and reliability.
  • They have a better energy-to-weight ratio, allowing them to store more energy while being comparatively light.
  • This feature is essential for electric scooters since it enables longer trips on a single charge without significantly increasing their overall size.
  • They also have exceptional longevity. They have the capacity to withstand several charge cycles compared to other battery types while maintaining their storage capacity.
  • Despite the higher initial cost, their durability adds to their overall value.

Battery Replacement Cost for E-Scooters

The battery is an electric scooter's most important and expensive part.
The price of a new battery in India can change depending on the battery type and the electric scooter maker. A replacement battery typically costs between INR 20,000 and INR 40,000.
However, it's crucial to take the battery's longevity into account. An electric scooter's battery life can typically last 5 to 6 years, depending on factors like usage and maintenance.
In terms of the overall cost of owning an electric scooter, the expenditure on battery replacement may be stretched out over several years, making it more manageable.
Although the price of a new battery may seem high upfront, it's important to consider it a long-term investment.
The quality and lifespan of the battery significantly influence the entire worth and ownership costs of an electric scooter. Extend the battery's lifespan and lower the frequency and expense of replacement by properly maintaining it.

Tips for Extending Battery Life

If your EV scooter battery is damaged, it has no further use. One must take good care of it to ensure optimal performance and sustained usage.

  • Charge your device in a dry, cold area: A battery's lifespan is significantly influenced by temperature. The battery should be kept dry and charged in a cold environment, ideally at 25-degrees Celsius. The performance and lifespan of the battery can be harmed by extreme heat or cold.
  • Charge and use it regularly: The scooter's overall performance is improved, and the battery's condition is maintained with regular charging and use. Using the battery frequently can prevent degradation. Therefore, charging the scooter frequently is advised even if you don't use it often.
  • Utilise only original charges: Use chargers that the battery maker has approved. Unoriginal chargers can shorten battery life and present safety issues if the battery is incompatible. Use the original chargers with your electric scooter, or buy chargers specifically recommended for your battery type.


Although a new battery may seem expensive, it's crucial to consider the scooter's full lifespan. With regular maintenance, the cost of a new battery can be stretched out over several years, making up only a small fraction of the overall costs of owning and using an electric scooter.
The Lectrix official website has a 'find an EV dealer near me' option to help you with all your EV battery needs.


1. What advantages do electric scooters (EVs) have in India?
In India, owning an electric scooter has several benefits. As electricity is typically less expensive than fossil fuels, it offers cheaper ongoing expenditures when compared to conventional gasoline-powered scooters. Additionally, electric scooters contribute to a cleaner environment by emitting fewer carbon emissions.
2. How long do the batteries in an electric scooter last?
Depending on storage, usage conditions, and battery capacity, electric scooter batteries can last anywhere from 2 to 4 years and 3000 to 5000km. The battery life will be reduced if you use your scooter more frequently or store it inappropriately.
3. How many times can you charge the battery of an electric scooter?
Between 300 and 500 charging cycles can be completed on an electric scooter before the battery loses capacity. If you properly take care of it, the best brand-name cells can withstand up to 1000 charging cycles.
4. How can you extend the life of your electric scooter's battery?
You can extend the battery life by keeping the scooter charged to 50%, charging it at a C-rate under 1, and avoiding using it in extreme temperatures (below 0°C and above 45°C).
5. How long does charging an electric scooter's battery take in India?
An electric scooter battery typically needs 4-6 hours to charge fully. It is crucial to remember that charging times can change based on the scooter model, battery size, and charger features. It is a good idea to arrange recharge stops when scheduling longer trips to ensure your scooter has enough charge to get you there.
6. How do you replace a damaged battery in an EV scooter?
If the battery is still under warranty, you can contact the manufacturer to have it replaced. If the warranty has expired, you can purchase a new battery from the manufacturer or a third-party retailer.
To replace the battery, you will need to locate the battery compartment and disconnect the wires from the old battery. Then, you can simply insert the new battery and reconnect the wires.

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