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Experience the Thrill of the Ride: Uncovering the Lectrix SX25 Electric Scooter

Since the advent of electric vehicles as a perfect alternative to traditional transportation, there has been a competitive push to introduce the most efficient models for daily commuting. This is justified by the fact that electric vehicles not only combat climate change but are also convenient and affordable.
India's EV market has also seen many launches. But so far, the electric scooters have caught everyone's eye. The options in the electric scooter category are brimming, leaving customers both tempted and confused.
In this blog, we are going to talk about one such new entrant that has already charmed people. The all-new Lectrix SX25 electric scooter is proving its mettle with its sleek design and impressive performance.
If you have been planning to invest in any electric vehicle, read this article till the end and see why Lectrix SX25 E Scooter might be your perfect road companion. Let's get started.

The Highlights: Why Lectrix SX25 Electric Scooter is a Winner

Below are some of the best highlights of the Lectrix SX25 E scooter so you'll know why it's a winner. Read on:

  • A Perfect Companion for Daily Use
    An electric scooter can be the go-to vehicle for your family. Whether you have to drop the kids at school or buy groceries from the market, it can make all the commutes easier and hassle-free. Lectrix SX25 is made to achieve all these tasks with ease. Its lightweight design also makes it easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces and navigate through traffic.
    With one single charge, it could run for days over short distances. Moreover, it's not just about the range but also the comfort and style that make it perfect for daily use. The comfortable, padded seat provides extra comfort during longer rides, and there's enough leg space for you to stretch and drive at your pace.
  • Suits Your Style
    You can't skip style these days, even when you are buying an EV. We understand this, and that's why Lectrix SX25 is built with a striking design to match your level. The modern yet classy design features sharp edges that bring more character to the whole vehicle. So, when you drive around the neighbourhood, people will definitely admire the scooter.
    Currently, it is also available in different colours, namely Electric Red, Azure Blue, Neon Green, and Zen White. Pick one that suits your personality and get ready for an awesome ride.
  • No Licence, No Registration Required
    With a maximum speed of 25 km/hr, the Lectrix SX25 is suitable for people of all ages. Its operation doesn't require a licence or registration, so it's a convenient option for short-distance errands like grocery shopping, dropping kids off at school, going to the salon, and more.
  • Fast Charging
    When talking about the highlights of the Lectrix SX25 electric scooter, it's impossible not to discuss the charging feature. The scooter is designed to make your travel easier, and that's why it also offers quick charging. You can plug it in for 4-5 hours or just leave it on charging overnight to get the best results. It also comes with USB port for easy mobile charging.
    A single charge offers you an eco-friendly and trouble-free ride of over 60 km with just 12 paise per km. For emergencies, just keep the charger inside the scooter and stop worrying about the power. Since EV stations are popping up everywhere, you can charge it on the go too.

Specifications of the Lectrix SX25 Electric Scooter

Along with the highlights, you also need to have a clear idea of the specifications of Lectrix SX25 to understand what makes it our favourite pick for a thrill ride. Below is a table where you can read major specifications:

  • Parameters SX25 Lead Acid
  • Seat Height 760 mm
  • Ground Clearance 160 mm
  • Dimensions (LWH) 18707101260 MM
  • Motor 250, HUB-BDLC
  • Controller 48V
  • Diving Motor-Speed (KM/H) 25KM/H
  • Loading Capacity 150 KG
  • Battery Weight 10 KG
  • Battery Specification 48V/28 AH Lead Acid
  • Charging Time 4 Hours
  • Range/Charge (KM) 60 KM
    To get a detailed chart, download the brochure here.

What More Do We Offer You?

The list of Lectrix SX25 electric scooter's features doesn't end here. Here are a few more things you would certainly love:
Enough storage space: You don't just get enough leg space but also sufficient under-seat storage to carry your stuff on the go.
Affordable: Finally, buying a Lectrix SX25 is not a costly affair. In fact, you can also get easy loans and low EMIs straight from our site to make this purchase pocket friendly.
Eco-friendly: Since it runs on electricity, Lectrix SX25 does not emit any harmful gases or any noise to affect the environment.
Smart connectivity: It's not an ordinary scooter. You can connect its digital LCD with Bluetooth and manage the operations.
Low maintenance: With no issues related to petrol spills or engine corrosion, Lectrix SX25 does not require too much servicing. This saves both money and time in the long run.
No Licence needed: Yes, you do not really need a license to drive Lectrix SX25 as a vehicle with speed under 25kmph is classified as an electric bicycle or Electric bike. This means even teenagers can drive it without any issues.

Take A Test Ride!

Done reading? Then it's time to try the scooter yourself. We at Lectrix are offering free test rides at home. Just visit our website and book it today.


1. Are there any easy loan options available for Lectrix SX25?
Yes, we have different financing options based on your budget. Get detailed information on our website or contact us.
2. What colours are available for SX25 electric scooter?
Currently, there are four colours available for SX25 electric scooter - Electric Red, Azure Blue, Neon Green, and Zen White.
3. Do I have to pay for the test ride at home?
Usually, we charge Rs. 299 for the test ride. However, we are offering it for free right now. We also offer a 7-day test ride you can get at just Rs. 799. Head to the website to grab the deal.
4. How many hours does it take to charge the Lectrix SX25?
It takes somewhere from 7-8 hours. You can completely charge the scooter and ride it for 60 km.
5. Where can I buy the Lectrix SX25?
You can either visit the nearby dealer to purchase Lectrix SX25 from the showroom or book it online.

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