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Understand differences between electric bike and petrol bike in India

The very first thought that comes to mind when thinking about the near future of the automotive industry is “electric.” It is because the market and consumers have started witnessing the revolution of electric bike India. Currently, consumer inertia is weighted towards conventional petrol scooters, but people and the new generation are considering various important factors before choosing between petrol and electric bikes. Moreover, with global fuel prices on the rise and environmental pollution, new buyers are exploring multiple attractive options for investing in electric bike India over petrol bikes.
Though electric bikes have been available in India for a long time, why have they been gaining popularity recently? This article will assist you in understanding the differences between a petrol bike and an electric bike, helping you decide better and make an informed, satisfactory choice.

Electric Bike India vs. Petrol Bike: What is the need for comparison?

There are several reasons why people might compare the best electric scooter in India with petrol bikes. Some people might be considering purchasing a new bike and want to compare the pros and cons of each type to help make their decision. Others might be interested in knowing the environmental impact of petrol and electric scooters and want to see how they compare regarding carbon emissions. So, let us understand the differences between an electric bike India and a petrol bike here.

Environmental Factor

A petrol bike is powered by Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) technology, which requires the burning of petrol, emitting CO2 gas. This leads to contributing to already surging air pollution and global warming.
Whereas electric bike India requires a battery that uses stored energy to run the motor. So there are zero carbon emissions. If you are concerned about your abode, this is one of the foremost reasons for choosing e-bikes over gasoline.

Electric bikes price in India

This factor has always been a deal-breaker among people because the battery cost adds to the overall higher price of electric bikes in India. Whereas petrol bikes have been in the market for a while, the technology has stabilized in the past few decades with minor innovations. Hence the reason why petrol bike prices are more appealing to people.
Innovations have sprouted in battery technology, and e-bikes are now available at affordable prices. One such bike is the brand-new Lectrix LXS, which is the most attractive EV price.
Another key point one must remember while evaluating the price of the EV bike is the subsidies offered by the central and state governments. Electric bikes are eligible for government subsidies, whereas gasoline bikes are not. For an electric bike in India, you can get up to INR 15,000 in incentives per KWh under the FAME-II scheme of the government.


EV charging infrastructure may not be as widely available as petrol stations across India. As a result, it may not be convenient for long journeys of hundreds of kilometers. But considering the purpose of a city dweller who has to reach the office or college or ride to nearby locations quickly, an electric bike scores the best here.
With the best electric scooter in India from Lectrix, like the Lectrix LXS, the average charging time has come down to 3 hours. So whenever you are low on charge, plug in and forget while you complete your important tasks.
The EV infrastructure is bound to become mainstream by 2025–2026, per the NITI Aayog’s report. Many promising start-ups, reputed firms, and the state governments are now setting up new charging stations on a wide scale in New Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru; tier-2 and tier-3 cities will soon follow. Manufacturers like Lectrix constantly upgrade their technologies through innovation to ensure maximum consumer satisfaction.

Running cost

The average cost of petrol per liter is Rs. 100, and considering most bikes have over 10 litres of fuel tank capacity, filling the tank to the brim will cost a lot of money. Whereas an electric bike will need 3 hours of charging to help you reach wherever you want and come back and more, especially for a short distance. The petrol bike may burn a hole in your pocket if you are a daily commuter.


Petrol bikes are mechanical parts that go through natural wear and tear over time, demanding service and repair for 3 to 6 months. Skipping this can ruin your riding experience and the bike’s performance.
Besides regular cleaning, an electric bike’s maintenance cost is zero. However, a battery may need to be replaced in the long run after 3 to 5 years, but with Lectrix, after 3-5 years, the battery will remain 80% perfect. So, it provides you with a good battery cycle if appropriately maintained.
With companies like Lectrix’s high-quality maintenance support, it has become easier for consumers to avail of the services and find solutions conveniently.


As Indian consumers, we take pride in investing in resources that resonate with our overall values, giving us a higher return on investment. Therefore, the prospect of electric vehicles is bright.
Many companies provide a broad range of products that are carefully made to serve the vision of the consumer and the vision of India. Moreover, India is witnessing a revolution in the automobile sector with its ongoing transition to electric mobility. We are continuously working to contribute to this revolution with our wide range of products, including the best electric scooter in India made for everyone. To learn more about it, scroll through our products today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I charge my Lectrix electric scooter at home?
You can easily charge the Lectrix electric scooter comfortably at home with a 15-amp fast charger (based on your chosen model).
2. Where can I buy the best electric scooter in India?
You can check the range of electric scooters per your requirements on Lectrixev. Lectrix has a wide range of EV scooters at affordable prices.
3. What are the different features that come with the Lectrix LXS?
The Lectrix LXS comes with 15 IoT-enabled smart features, including vehicle health diagnostics, anti-theft, live location, an auto indicator, and an in-built battery management system.
4. What is the range of scooters from Lectrix?
There are currently three different models from Lectrix EV:
1. Lectrix LXS
2. Lectrix SX25
3. Lectrix ECity Zip
You can check the electric bikes price in India here:
5. Is the charger included in the electric vehicle price, or do we need to buy it separately?
Yes, the charger is included in the electric vehicle price, and you do not need to pay additionally for it.

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