Lectrix SX25 – Slow Speed Scooter - Explore the Best EV Scooters for Everyday Use

India has seen a significant increase in the popularity of electric scooters due to their environmentally friendly nature and cost-effective method. Slow-speed electric scooters in India have grown in favor among urban commuters and those looking for practical, inexpensive, and sustainable transportation options as technology has advanced.

Presenting the Lectrix SX25 scooter- your perfect everyday electric scooter

The Lectric SX25 scooter is designed to perform as your perfect neighborhood ride. The features and design of this scooter speak for itself; it is stylish and comfortable, and you would choose it over any other electric scooter. With a curb weight of 70 kg and a seat height of 1260 mm, it is undoubtedly the type of scooter that makes you glide through your neighborhood. Let us look deep into its features and specifications.


The Lectrix SX25 provides a smooth and pleasurable riding experience ideal for urban environments. Its twist throttle allows regulated acceleration of up to 25 mph, allowing the scooter to keep up with city traffic. The SX25's low center of gravity and suspension technology make it feel stable and comfortable at varying speeds. The rear drum brake performs admirably, giving stable stops when needed.


One crucial factor that we all consider for an EV is the range of the vehicle. Even though it is a slow-speed electric scooter that is ideal for everyday usage and even for young or older riders, the Lectrix SX25 has a range of 75 km on a single charge. That means you charge your vehicle once and can run up to 75 km without hassle. So, you no longer need to stress about the vehicle charging.

Looks and Design

The Lectrix SX25's sleek, modern style is ideal for urban commuting. Comes in 4 attractive colors, and its low ride height and lightweight structure make it highly maneuverable on city streets. The seating position is upright yet comfortable, allowing passengers to remain calm on short rides. The Lectrix SX25's durable build of steel and aluminum alloys makes it suitable for everyday use. The digital LCD for speed, battery level, and distance at a glance and a USB charging socket below the handlebars allow users to charge their electronics while on the road. Moreover, safety elements such as the rear disc braking system provide security and dependability.

Vehicle Charging

The Lectrix SX25 gives you a hassle-free charging experience. Slow charging would be long gone in history, as this Lectrix electric scooter provides 7-8 hours of quick charging. It comes with a 3A advanced charger, and you can charge your vehicle from the comfort of your home. Amazed with that? Let me tell you, this EV marvel can run up to 75 kms* on a single charge so that you reach your destination without any stoppage or breeze around the neighborhood without any difficulty.


Since the price of an electric scooter is an essential factor, Lectrix is here to assure you that every penny you spend on the Lectrix SX24 will be worth it. The ex-showroom price for this scooter is 54,999/- including the charger for the lead acid battery version. At this price, you will get a reliable electric scooter with a strong chassis, charging at your comfort, stylish design, and much more. Loan options are also available for your comfort.


As more individuals prefer environmentally friendly and cost-effective modes of transportation, the market for low-speed electric scooters in India is expected to grow significantly in 2024. Lectrix SX25 is your ideal option if you're looking to invest in a slow-speed electric scooter in India. It is economical and practical, along with its clever features, sleek style, and affordable pricing; the SX25 provides a delightful riding experience as well as convenience for short trips around town. Its tiny size and sturdy body make negotiating busy city streets easy. So what are you waiting for? Book a test ride with the Lectrix SX25 today!

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